Blistex is an American company that develops, produces and markets personal care products. It was founded by Charles E. Arch in 1947. Blistex primarily manufactures lip balms, ointments and other lip care products. They are headquartered in Illinois.

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Lip Treatments -Blistex -Lip Medex

on 12/11/2018 12:06:00 PM


Best chapstick ever. Stinks a little but it’s the best I’ve ever tried. Sometimes when my lips are super chapped I can’t help but keep licking them which creates a terrible cycle. This gem puts an end to that!

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Lip Treatments -Blistex -Relief Cream

on 12/4/2018 1:40:00 AM


I can't believe i'm only reviewing this now. It is a HG. it heals any and all lip issues in no time, including huge, painful cold sores and persistent cracking and flaking, split mouth corners etc. Whitish upon application so for intense treatment it's best applied at night in a thick layer, the mint is so cooling even very bad swelling goes down. If applied in a thin layer, it is invisible.

In Europe I haven't seen the metal tube pictured above, but a white plastic tube. There is no problem with the product running with that one.

If it were transparent it would be perfect for quickly healing unsightly sores in daytime too. A thin (and invisible) layer will still work, but if you want a problem almost gone in hours, put a big blob on and keep reapplying.

I buy this in three packs and have been for, ooph, I think 17 years if not more. It's highest value is how quickly it will heal a cold sore (use a brand new one if the sore is really bad. The fresh menthol will work super fast), and how hydrating and generally healing it is. Nothing compares to Blistex. Nothing. I will forever repurchase and this brand needs a medal for superb performance of this product. Recommend as any household staple.

Lip Treatments -Blistex -Ultra Rich Hydration

on 11/12/2018 2:14:00 PM


Best lip balm I have used in this price range.
I have very dry lips that not even Burt's Bee lip balm work on my lip.
This lip balm provides instant relief he second you put it on and moderate time length of moisture. It does feel rich on lip but not very greasy. The smell is a delightful sweet smell. Taste with a hint of sweetness too, if you like your lip balm completely tasteless. The finish has a bit shine with it.
The packaging for this prodect is fairly minimum, Pearly light blue tube with clear cap. A very simple and easy to use package.
Price is outstanding for what it does.
I would totally recommend this to anyone .

Lip Treatments -Blistex -Conditioning lip serum

on 11/2/2018 8:27:00 PM


I got sucked in by the cute packaging and promises of soft lips. I like it but don’t love it. Is it worth $5.79 CAD? Maybe, maybe not. But I still like using it. I don’t wear lipstick often, I tend to be a lip balm wearer. In fact, I can’t go without it. However, I’ve found that applying this in the morning before putting on my makeup really does prep my lips for the day ahead. Don’t make the mistake of pressing out an entire pump’s worth because that is far too much. I think the perfect amount is about 1/3 the size of a grain of rice. Yes, that little. All that is needed is a thin coating on the lips. In fact, if I accidentally pump out too much product I really work it into the lips and it helps to exfoliate and moisturize all in one.

Lip Treatments -Blistex -Regular lip balm with SPF 15


A product I have loved since high school! This is the only lip balm, that I never tire of. Works great on it's own, to add a very slight, healthy shine, and works great layered under lipsticks. I have chronically dry lips, and a lot of lip balms seem to irritate my sensitive lips even more. This never does. Will always have this oldie but goodie on hand!

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