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Conditioner -Biotera -Moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner

on 10/12/2018 4:39:00 PM

Way too thick, difficult to spray and not moisturizing enough. I was hoping for a dupe of Matrix Biolage Daily Leave In but this did not deliver at all. Left my hair dry and tangled. Would not repurchase.

Styling Products -Biotera -Styling Gel

on 8/22/2018 7:45:00 PM

This is a great gel, I am on the 2nd liter bottle for this summer!
ABOUT MY HAIR: Curly, 3C, prone to frizz, highlighted and high porosity.

HOW I USE IT: Cowash, Condition/deep condition, detangle, wrap my hair in a micro fiber for 5 minutes to remove excess water.
apply leave in conditioner, extra virgin olive oil AND THEN THIS GEL.
I work in small sections and use a Denman brush to increase curl definition help my curls clump together.

MY RESULTS: Defined, hydrated, bouncy, clumped, frizz-free curls with a very light cast.

I am able to go on to 2nd and sometimes 3rd day hair without re-touching as long as I cover my curls at night.

HOW I USE IT TO REFRESH: I mix equal parts leave-in, WATER, and this gel with a few drops of extra virgin olive oil, mix in a bowl and apply in small sections. Comb through with Denman brush.

I love this gel on day 1 and to refresh because it is a very slippery gel which means I am able to re-shape my curls while being very gentle. This is the only gel I have tried which doesn't leave a dry/dehydrated feeling on my hair. It also doe not cayuse build-up on my hair. I can easily wash this out with a gentle conditioner which is my preference.

I too am a product junkie so it takes a lot to please me, let alone re-purchase a product.
This is most definitely a staple.

ADDED BONUS: It is Curly Girl Friendly if you're into that!

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Conditioner -Biotera -Moisturizing Conditioner

on 4/30/2018 4:34:00 AM

This is not the same formula as the ultra moisturizing conditioner. This one is curly girl friendly and silicone free. It's easily available at Sally's. It's a medium weight conditioner and a mix of protein and moisture. It performed well on my hair, but was average and not a stand out (GVP version of Joico Kpak however is a stand out, but it is discontinued). It's a good basic medium weight conditioner. I'm not going to rebuy it (though I have many times before) because I'm becoming sensitive to smells. It's not horrible, but is floral scented. Not the worst or strongest, most people wouldn't care it's not crazy fragranced like some products. But it's a bit too much for me.

Hair Treatments -Biotera -Sheer Illumination Tinted Moisture Treatment

on 2/24/2018 8:44:00 PM


My hair is a natural medium to light auburn, and I color the roots about every 4 weeks to maintain the auburn, and also have subtle gold/copper highlights done at the salon quarterly. I love the Biotera Illuminator and use both the shiny copper and the shiny gold, sometimes mixing them together. This, along with the Tressa Watercolors shampoos (I use various shades of red, gold, copper - these shades all help maintain my roots as well as my hair color), are so helpful in maintaining my color(s), and I use the Bioterra about twice a week, leaving it in for 10 to 20 minutes. Bioterra provides a nice healthy sheen, whether I use the gold or the copper. It's not meant to actually "color" your hair - it's a wonderful, and helpful addition to enhance your color!

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Styling Products -Biotera -Leave in Instaplump treatment

on 11/11/2017 3:10:00 PM

Supposed to give your hair volume. Actually makes my hair flatter than usual. Will not repurchase and not recommended.

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