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Moisturizers -Biologique Recherche -creme dermopurifiante

on 8/14/2018 4:24:00 AM


The brand is packed with animal origin ingredients... pig collagen... placenta... just awful stuff. Old fashioned textures and terrible scents. Does it work? Sure, like cocaine works and arsenic does work!

Toners -Biologique Recherche -P50 PIGM

on 7/1/2018 1:32:00 AM

I'm a lifer for BR, and thats saying a a lot. There's just not much skin-care-profiteering BS I can't see through at this stage, and BR is just different. Its not different and effective BECAUSE its expensive, its expensive because its different; in fact for the echelon of product ranges it falls in its very reasonably priced. Anyway, sorry back to PIGM400. I think this is much less of a star product than p50 1970. Like if you've never used BR or yeast on your face it will still rock your world...HOWEVER game changer products that do life changing sh*t instantly only come around so often. Thats my girl p50 1970. PIGM400 is like a junior version of that, and really you can use so much niacinamide in products before you max out its potential (its a very inexpensive ingredient so its in everything and marketed as an expensive addition). You can take nicatinamide supplements, and glow all day every day and use this and it will make you glow like anything with a high concentration of B3 would, but if you're ready to try BR go for the gold and work backwards is what I suggest:)

Toners -Biologique Recherche -Exfoliating Lotion P50

on 6/24/2018 12:06:00 PM


My partner bought the Lotion P50V 1970 for dry skin. He couldn’t use it because the smell of the phenol grossed him out so much, but I started using it to try to help my adult acne.

I have been using this for the past 4 months and barely made a dent in the medium bottle. I pour a few drops into my palm and pat it all over my face after washing my face with the pink Lunese Cyclic cleanser. It burns a little bit and makes my face red, but the phenol helps and my skin always looks amazing when I wake up in the morning. It smells absolutely disgusting, but I got used to it. You’re supposed to use this twice a day, but I’m afraid of people smelling it on me during the day, so I only use it once a day at night.

It has absolutely normalized my skin, making it less oily, reducing the size of my pores, and giving my skin a healthy glow. I get far less acne, my skin texture has improved, and the sebaceous filaments on my nose are barely perceptible. After I go through the bottle with phenol, I will probably try a gentler version without phenol for my next bottle, probably the P50W without phenol.

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Treatments (Face) -Biologique Recherche -Elastine Pure

on 5/30/2018 12:04:00 AM

I will likely update this with time. I'm giving this serum three stars based on its pleasant user experience. Unlike many BR products, there is little to no scent. It is extremely thin and requires minimal absorption time (recommended is 1min). Because of its texture, a little goes a long way—I like to use a drop each on each side of my nose (for pores), for each laugh line, and around my lips, plus a few for my neck and jaw, if I feel like it. The instructions say to use 1ml, but there's no need, especially as many BR serums work fine as targeted treatments. Layering with this is a breeze. I have noticed my pores looking less distended, though I will have to wait until I run out of the serum to see if the problem returns. (Starting multiple products at once does make attributing results confusing.) The average rating, despite overall happiness with experience, is due to concerns re: effectiveness (topical collagen and elastin research is generally not promising). Recommend buying in 8ml size if not applying to entire face to avoid spoilage, especially due to animal bio-products.

Cleansers -Biologique Recherche -Lait Oxygenant VIPO2

on 5/29/2018 11:50:00 PM


When I say I would buy this product again, I mean I would give it one more try and then ditch it if my opinion doesn't change (second chances are good). First demerit: there's something painful about a $100+ cleanser, especially one you're intended to use 4x/day (it's intended to be used as its own double cleanse). I'm working on the 1.7oz travel size and thinking of how many lovely CeraVe hydrating cleansers I could have (it's roughly two). More importantly, I find the cleanser "difficult" to use, which makes me sound—and feel, frankly—like a dolt. Cream cleanser goes on dry skin, rub, water, emulsify, rub, wipe. Maybe I'm being stingy, but I don't want to use a ton of this cleanser each time I wash; realistically, I use the same amount I would of any non-foaming cleanser. (And it is a non-foaming cleanser—it does not change texture at all; there's likely not even a gentle surfactant to be found.) Most creamy cleansers possess a quality that glides over the skin. Lait VIP O2 tends to just . . . sink in like lotion on dry skin. (The second ingredient is squalane, which is a readily-absorbable molecule.) I add water, but I don't feel as if I'm really washing with anything but water and subsequently wiping anything but excess water. If I emulsify in my hands first, I feel as if I'm applying nothing to my face. Again, maybe the answer is a lot more cleanser, but it's not a lot more $100+ cleanser. As it is, I tend to use it as a follow-up to oil cleansing or Sensibio for the oxygenating effect (which, for the money, I'd rather get from Masque VIP O2).

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