Bioderma is a dermo-cosmetics company, founded in 1977 in France. In 2001, the company opened its first lab for skincare research and development in Lyon. The brand specializes in dermatology products for sensitive skin, irritated and damaged skin. Their products are widely available for online purchase. *Source: Wikipedia

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Cleansers -Bioderma -Sensibio H2O Micellar Water

on 4/21/2018 7:56:00 PM


I didn't have a great impression of micellar water when the only one I'd tried was a $5 bottle of Simple, which didn't remove much of anything, felt filmy on the skin and broke me out. Then I gave Bioderma Sensibio H2O a try and loved it.

It feels just like water. No film, no fragrance, no B.S., just soothing. Doesn't break me out. Doesn't sting my eyes. Not irritating at all. Some eye makeup removers make contact lenses cloudy if you get the Q-Tip too close to the eye. This doesn't.

The only caveat is that it does not remove waterproof mascara as easily as Cinema Secrets Break It Down makeup remover, but Sensibio H2O is certainly sufficient for my regular non-waterproof mascaras, liners, and eyeshadows.

SO much better than Simple Micellar Water. Bioderma Sensibio is $10.90 for 250 ml on Beautylish. The baby size travel bottle is 6.90 for 100 ml and it hasn't leaked in my suitcase. Definitely worth the extra money to me.



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Lotions/ Creams -Bioderma -Atoderm Ultra-Nourishing Cream Normal to Dry Sensitive Skin

on 4/17/2018 12:28:00 PM


OK first of all, be aware Bioderma has a long list of products and under the same name of one line (like Atoderm in this case) they have different products AND slightly different second version of one product. Like the product I'm reviewing right now comes in both a tube without fragrance, and in a pump bottle with fragrance. The one I have is the fragrance-free, tube version for Normal to Dry sensitive skin. And I have mixed feelings about it.

Compare to the price the quality is fine. The main ingredient is paraffinum but the texture is still more like lotion than cream, more liquidy. It is said for suitable both for body and face. I love that it's fragrance-free, paraben-free, and has an expiration date written on the tube. Especially considering 200ml is pretty big, the price is cheap. It didn't cause any irritation for me.

However, it's average at moisturizing on the face. The product says "for Normal to Dry" skin but I don't think it would be enough for dry skin. Some paraffinum creams and lotions make my skin get softer but some others make my skin feel DRIER than normal couple hours after I put it on and that's exactly what this lotion did on my face. I only put it on the left side of my face, nothing on the right side, and 5 hours later the right side of my face feels softer than the left. Its performance is definitely better on the body. Personally I'll only use on the body.

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Cleansers -Bioderma -Sensibio Mild Cleansing Foaming Gel

on 4/16/2018 9:48:00 PM


Great product for removing makeup and not over-drying the skin. It even removes mascara without irritating my eyes. Unfortunately, it started to break me out in little bumps, primarily in my T-zone :( you also need quite a bit to wash the face/lather. I don’t know what it is about Bioderma products, but they all break me out- even the micellar water which I had to stop using a while back. I should update that review

Cleansers -Bioderma -Sebium Purifying Foaming Gel

on 4/15/2018 6:43:00 PM


Worth it!
I have a bit of acne/breakouts, but mostly redness, other scars and texture, after using it daily for 1 week I could see a difference, I was sugested to use it even during my on going acne treatment.
I don´t see anythings wrong with this product.

Moisturizers -Bioderma -Hydrabio Creme

I really like this crème! I’m 51 and my skin is normal/dry and I’ve been using this for dryness/anti-aging for the last 2 months. I apply it at night as a last step in my skin care routine as an occlusive. This is very rich and thick and it feels wonderful on my face. I’m all smooth and glassy-like after I apply it, probably due to the presence of glycerin and silicone (dimethicone). Right…so if you’re in the anti-silicone camp, this probably isn’t for you. In the morning I feel hydrated...not greasy.

I don’t like the pot, but can’t help but think that it’s too thick for a pump. All in all, I’m very satisfied and would definitely buy this again.

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