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Recent Bioderma Reviews

Cleansers -Bioderma -Sensibio H2O (aka Crealine H20 Solution micellaire)

on 1/17/2018 4:42:00 PM


This stuff is great! I originally found out about it from this site and just re-discovered it here after a couple of years (thanks)

Definitely lives up to the hype, removes makeup easily and is really gentle, with no film left on the face or drying feeling. I wash it off after using but supposedly you dont have to

Not cheap but worth the price, wish it had a pump top though as a lot of product comes out at one time

Moisturizers -Bioderma -Atoderm Nourishing Cream Very Dry Sensitive Skin

on 1/9/2018 6:31:00 PM


One of the photos in this page is for a different product
There are two different kinds of Atoderm moisturizer,one comes in a tube and has liquid texture and is better suited for combination to normal skin types.other one comes in pump packaging and has cream texture and is for normal to dry skin and is my favorite moisturizer
It claims to moisturize,repair,soothe and protect's paraben-free, can be used for face and body and all age groups,even children and toddlers,also for people with sensitive skin
I've been using it for more than four years,I've left it many times and moved to other brands,some of them were very popular and expensive,but each time I came back to my bioderma atoderm ultra-nourishing cream.nothing works like this baby for me and I buy 200mil size for 12$ which lasts for months though I use it before sleep,as makeup base and even for my hands
I like it's packaging a's pump makes it easy to use and it's pump's hole is covered by a plastic cover that makes it easy to take to travel
I have combination-dry skin which becomes drier during cold months of year.during summer I use it only at nights but in winter,it's the only thing that saves me from struggling with my dry patches and my foundation.when my skin gets very very dry(usually after shower)I mix it with a face oil(usually caudalie or nuxe face oils)and I'm good to go for skin absorbs most moisturizers within half an hour but when I apply atoderm,my skin is still hydrated and smooth when I wakeup in morning.I love it because it seems to cure skin dryness,dehydration and eczema
It's exactly for normal to dry skin types as it may seem rich for people with oily skin and not enough oily for people with too dry skin
I have sensitive skin and if I use a wrong moisturizer my forehead and cheek can easily get full of blackheads and whiteheads but I never had a break down with this baby
Highly recommended if you have normal to dry skin and want a perfect moisturizer

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Skincare - Face -Bioderma -Cicabio cream


This is one of the better products out there for my eczema, and I love that this combats irritated skin in general, and not just irritated skin due to dryness. My skin isn't really dry, just irritated (due to bacteria or weather or allergies, I still don't know just yet but it's eczema so I doubt I'll ever find the stressor) so I find those moisturisers from LRP or Avene don't do anything as they're not targeting the right problem for me.

It helps a lot with healing and soothing damaged and irritated itchy skin, and I use it for my whole face for redness and itchiness as well as patches of eczema around my body. I usually use shea butter for the patches around my body but I find this is a more lightweight and comfortable option. As for my face, It moisturises well and soothes the itch, and it doesn't break me out or feel too heavy on my face. Although it's good to use in the day as a thin layer and under makeup, I do prefer to use it in the night time so I can slather it on more thickly and let it do its work.

However, this isn't a miracle product for me, and it's just one of the many products in my arsenal that I use to combat my eczema. It is still one of the better ones though.

It's a good price and the tube lasts longer than I thought it would. It's also cheaper than the other french skincare brands, and I will continue to repurchase.

Cleansers -Bioderma -Sensibio Mild Cleansing Foaming Gel

on 1/1/2018 4:23:00 PM


This has become my HG cleanser. I use it morning and night, and it does a terrific job of removing makeup - even eye makeup - gently and efficiently, without drying my skin out. It rinses off very easily and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean without either an oily or a stripped-off feeling.

Cleansers -Bioderma -Atoderm Gel Douche Face Body

on 12/14/2017 12:53:00 PM


Nice body wash, haven't tried it on my face yet. It is very gentle, rinses clean without being too drying, has a light scent but nothing too noticeable or overpowering. Foams up a lot which I like, doesn't irritate my skin which is acne prone but I also have psoriasis. Will repurchase.

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