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Lipstick -Besame -Sheer Lipstick (All Shades)

on 8/5/2018 6:33:00 PM


I too love Besame lipsticks, and am a sucker for pinks and lighter formulas. I had to get Mint Rose and I’m glad I did. I feel that they are moisturizing while wearing, and do leave a stain after it wears off, which I don’t mind. Next I need the berry shade. Also, FYI, try Portrait Peach and Portrait Pink lipsticks if you haven’t, perfect for summer.

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Lipstick -Besame -Enchanting Lipstick - 1946 Red Velvet

on 8/5/2018 6:00:00 PM


Amazing product in beautiful packaging. This is flattering and fuss-free enough for me to wear it out on a daily basis! I was very red-shy but I was determined to find one that worked. Reds always looked very off on my fair-medium skin, because I have a cool cast to my skin despite having yellow undertones. I actually had buyer's regret immediately after ordering this online because I realized it look a bit... pink? magenta? on my screen. But when I finally received it and swiped it on, I was in love. This is a neutral red that doesn't come off as Crayola red. (I'm looking at you, Revlon Really Red!) It does not make me look sickly and sallow, or very pink. It looks like it belongs on my face. My teeth aren't the whitest but this doesn't make them seem more yellow than they are. This is not a moisturizing lipstick but the satin-matte finish makes this longer-lasting than a regular lipstick. It's a little bit drying on my inner lips but doesn't make my lips look too dry. I would absolutely repurchase this. I wish Besame made a medium warm pink because I'd love a pink lipstick in this formula.

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Mascara -Besame -Black Cake Mascara

on 7/31/2018 8:58:00 PM


Pros: because it is a cake it dries out preventing bacterial growth so it can last up to 2 years, unique, long lasting, doesn’t smear unless wet (I was impressed by that), amazing eyeliner, doesn’t irritate sensitive skin and eyes, good for natural looks Cons: awkward packaging requires a bent spoolie, rattles around tin and requires care, can cause black specks in work area/face, takes a little skill/practice, not waterproof, not good for dramatic lashes Overall: I was extremely impressed by the product. It went on way easier than I expected and really didn’t require much water. I had to bend my spoolie to get it into the tin, which I’m glad it was a disposable one otherwise you’re tough outta luck. It took 2 coats for my eyelashes letting it dry between. But it didn’t really take that long to dry. Between coats I did my eyeliner with an angled eyeliner brush. Cat eye has never been easier. It went on waaaay more smoothly than any gel I’ve used but was a similar thick consistency. I didn’t need to put on multiple coats. Best part is that it was thin enough to easily get down to the lashes so no gaps. Especially good for lower lashes. Did not bulk or volumize lashes but brought out natural qualities. (Being blonde mine are invisible but naturally very long. So I enjoyed having something of a thinner consistency because they’re also so soft regular mascara is too thick to get all the way to the tips.) Of course it’s thinner so while applying to lashes it tends to flick and cause black flecks if you’re not careful. But since it’s water soluble it’s easy enough to remove with a damp q-tip. I used it without a primer or setting powder/spray. Didn’t even wash my face first. So skin oils and all it lasted straight 6 hours without a single smudge. That includes during sex, cooking, and in the damp hell that is summer in South Carolina. I even ran out into torrential rain to my apartment complex’s front office for a package and it didn’t budge. It smudged when my allergies flared up at the end of the day and it was an easy touch up with a damp q-tip to remove smudge then touch up application. Because of this it’s a fantastic buy if you’re usually without heavy makeup eyeshadow and concealer and foundation but still want a cat eye liner and natural mascara.

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Lipstick -Besame -Enchanting Lipstick in Portrait Pink

on 7/16/2018 11:44:00 AM


I so wanted to love this! The colour is so so pretty and works so well for me! I have difficulty finding good pinks, the majority will lean either too mauvy to the point of looking dated, or too orange, or too neon pink. This shade is that perfect tone.. or so I thought. The problem I find is if I apply a swipe too much, the pigment separates in a very weird way. On the surface, it looks fine and as expected, but underneath the top layer, it stains the lips this annoying bright neon-y pink! So, the wear and fading is very uneven -- once the top layer starts wearing off, that awful pink starts peaking through until the top wears off completely and the lips look stained with that nasty pink in the end. I inspected the lipstick itself closely thinking maybe I got a dud, and maybe I did.. The lipstick bullet has tiny specks of that bright pink in it, so idk if it's just a bad batch with the pigment not properly blended, or what. For that reason I give it three lippies, but if this is just how this lipstick generally is, then it's not even worth two. Especially for the price. Now I try to apply the thinnest layer possible which seems to aid this weird separation somewhat, but I would still have to reapply during the day, and the more I reapply the more it separates..

Will not risk it repurchasing even though the shade is very pretty and overall wear is fine.

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Lipstick -Besame -Enchanting Lipstick in Red Hot Red

on 6/13/2018 7:45:00 PM


I was looking for a warm red lipstick for my skin tone. I fell in love with the color as it complimented my skin tone so well, but the shape of the lipstick was made......differently. I couldn't deal! There were instructions on how to apply the lipstick: It was reccomended that you sit in front of a mirror with a lip brush and your elbow on the table....and then you are supposed to line your lips with the lip brush and fill in. Whatever it was (going off by memory), I wasnt down, and i felt it was hard to apply the lipstick itself without going past my lips (LOL clown lips). I dont know...I was not coordinated for this. I had to return this product and I dont reccomend this, unless you are down for a challenge. Love the shade range of this line though!! If they change the shape, they will have my money, but until then, I'm saving.

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