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Recent Becca Reviews

Liquid -Becca -Skin Love Weightless Blur Foundation

on 8/9/2018 10:47:00 PM

I really wanted to love the new Becca Skin Love Weightless Blur Foundation, but to sum it up in one line- it was just okay. The formula of the Weightless Blur Foundation is very light and buildable. I would say this is medium to full coverage. I had a tricky time finding a good color match so I recommend going to the store if possible- some shades tend to look a little orange-y. Once you've applied this it looks good from a distance but once you are close to the mirror you can see that it doesn't look super natural. One tip- the new Becca Foundation looks so much better once you set it with powder! This does oxidize slightly throughout the day. If you have dry skin you'll defnitely want to make sure to moisturize because this foundation has a tendancy to cake up throughout the day. If you are acne prone also be careful. This did cause a small breakout during the first couple days of use. i don't dislike it but I don't see myself reaching for this in the morning so I am a little torn. My video review can be seen here:

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Treatments (Face) -Becca -Skin Love Glow Elixir

on 8/8/2018 11:41:00 PM

I really wanted to love the new Becca Skin Love Glow Elixir.  This is one of the first Becca skin care treatments so I was excited to get to try it out.  After waiting for several days for my package from Sephora to arrive I finally was able to give it a try.  Sadly after leaving it on for about two hours I had to rinse it off.  This was because of the overpowering amount of floral fragrance that never did dissipate.  It is a potent scent.  The next day I thought maybe I was just being over-sensitive so I tried it again.  Same problem, except this time I didn't wait that long to rinse it off.  I wanted to love this but it just has too much fragrance, and I have a feeling even most people that are okay with fragrance might have issues with how heavily scented this is. My video review can be seen here:

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Loose Powders -Becca -Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh Powder

on 8/8/2018 12:46:00 PM


So first impression wise, this powder is great because it sets and hydrated. It is great for dryer, dehydrated skin types because regular setting powders make me feel as if all the moisture has been sucked out. Problem: while the cooling effect is powerful when it’s first opened, as it is being used, the cooling effect begins to fade away and I keep the jar tightly closed and stored at room temperature in a drawer with no exposure to sunlight. You also get little product for the price; the jar looks half empty.

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Primer/ Corrector -Becca -First Light Priming Filter


I have a combo oily skin with some acne so my bare face looks so dull. I love the way this primer makes my skin look healthier especially my cheeks. It can't control oil so I use for my cheeks to make the entire face fresh. My foundation is always healthy thanks to this primer. Thanks to Kathleen, who recommend this for me <3

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Bronzers -Becca -Gradient Sunlit Bronzer

on 8/6/2018 1:31:00 AM


I'm a bronzer hoarder, who am I fooling? I'm a make up hoarder all across the board... But I do like HE/quality products, and Becca's bronzers are that! I've had this for a few months, and it's so gorgeous. At first I wasn't sure the sheen would work for my age/combo skin, but it's so beautifully done- not glitter, not sparkle, just a gorgeous sheen.. It's not a bronzer I wear everyday, and it's best suited in summer, but I love it, and highly recommend.

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