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Recent Becca Reviews

Highlighters -Becca -Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Prismatic Amethyst

on 1/22/2018 6:15:00 PM


I adore this is so flattering to wear. It gives that glow you can’t get from a blush. Does not accentuate my pores redness or fine lines. I wear Shell and Fair in the Becca foundations. Becca is becoming a fast favorite line for me!

Highlighters -Becca -Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter in Lilac Geode

on 1/22/2018 6:10:00 PM


I bought the amethyst one and this one. The amethyst wins hands down. I am glad I tried Becca highlighters. They are what the other brands highlighters want to be. This one on me shows gold shimmer and accentuates my pores and redness in my cheek area. I bought this sight unseen with my Ulta points so I will pass it on to a friend...

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Highlighters -Becca -Shimmering Skin Perfecter Liquid -Champagne Pop

This is such a beautiful liquid highlighter. The color is a beautiful peachy gold on me, but I find though that it doesn't last very long on my combo/oily skin. I've tried this as an all over shimmering primer and I do not recommend it. I felt like it made my foundation slip off much more quickly. So I prefer using it a highlight on the cheeks or as a liquid highlight base and then top it off with a powder highlight. Really pretty but I probably won't repurchase this again.

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Blush -Becca -Mineral Blush

on 1/17/2018 3:18:00 AM


I am a blush girl, I tried alot of blushes and honestly, not impressed. Well..I don't like it but I don't hate it.

First let's talk about the formula. Considering that it's a high-end blush, people say it's buttery but I find it quite chalky and dusty compared to other blushes that I own. I personally prefer Nars blushes over this. It somehow looks really flat on my skin and it's full of shimmers. Don't get me wrong, I love shimmers but not in a way like this. The whole blush is made of shimmers..and they don't hold on together very well, so technique is needed for better application..but who has time for that? Also, it's soooo vulnerable to shatter because the blush gets disintergrated easily! I like to swirl the blush with my finger sometimes, and I can already see some cracks on the edges. And I wasn't even using much energy at all. I am pretty sure mine would shatter if I drop it one day. I have the shade in Flowerchild..a peachy pink. I think I have plenty of other peachy pink blushes that look more flattering than this, more creamy, not flat on skin and way cheaper (Essence Satin blush in Coral or Benefit's Galifornia anyone?). The only thing that I really like about this is the sturdy and elegant packaging. I think I just had too much of a high expectation from this product because of all the raves. Now I'm just disappointed. Maybe it would work differently on other skin?

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Highlighters -Becca -Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter - Vanilla Quartz


Becca initially released Vanilla Quartz in a mini size at Sephora for $19, and it is quite a bit smaller than their standard SSP. They later (Nov-Dec 2017) released a full size version with the geometric imprint than many of the LE SSP have that is limited edition. The photo is for the full size, but it is the exact same product as the permanent mini that is at Sephora. It just looks like a vanilla/off-white color in the pan, but on the skin it has a subtle pink iridescence to it that makes it pretty unique and special. It doesn't have the flash or color shift that the LE Light Chasers have, but more of a touch of pink to add some warmth and life to the product. Like all of the regular SSP, the texture is so buttery and it glides on the skin like a dream. It isn't overly bold or metallic, but it does add a fresh, almost dewy glow to the skin. It is somewhat subtle, but it can be built up as well. I love it on the cheeks or as an inner corner highlight. Most of the swatches I have seen online don't really capture the pink shift that this product has, so definitely do yourself a favor and check it out in person if you can.

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