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Treatments -Beauty Secrets -Cuticle Oil

on 8/19/2018 9:39:00 PM


I love the size of this cuticle oil! First time user and the price point is what had me really interested in it. I bought it at Sally’s beauty supply. I love how long the brush is to actually reach almost the bottom of the bottle. The brush holds enough oil to apply it to all my nails. There really isn’t much of a scent to it and it’s on the thinner side, absorbs quickly. Doesn’t replace my CND Solar Oil though.

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Treatments -Beauty Secrets -Non acetone polish remover

on 5/30/2018 4:49:00 PM


I'm about to buy bottle #3 of this. I do my hands every week and this is the best, better than Cutex or other house brand removers by far. It will take off glitter polish too if I prep my nails before polishing (rub a bit of oil, let soak, wipe off, then continue with base coat; the glitter polish will come off much more easily with needing to soak in acetone).

Top/Base Coats -Beauty Secrets -Moisturizing Base Coat

on 7/19/2017 2:36:00 PM


Just got this to replace my Essie base coat, and this is horrible! My expensive Essie polish is peeling after just 2 days of wear, the entire top halves of my nails are peeling. I paid about $4.50 for this bottle at my local Sally Beauty Supply store. They did not carry my usual Essie base coat and saw this as a bargain. Even though $4.5 is not alot of money, it's way too much for a product that doesn't work at all. Very disappointed. I'll be throwing out the full bottle and purchasing my regular Essie base coat which doesn't peel at all and lasts at least one whole week.

Nails -Beauty Secrets -Glitter Polish Remover Gel

Need to glue cotton to your nails? This should do the trick!

I don't always do glitter manis, but I saw this while shopping for a replacement for my regular pot of remover with sponge. I figured it might be helpful with getting stubborn glitter off when changing up my nail polish. BOY, was I wrong.

This is a terrible product. You're supposed to dip nails into the clear pink tinted gel, wait 45 seconds, then wipe (not rub) off the gel and supposedly the polish and glitter wipe right off with it. Sounds great! But each time I tried to do this, some cotton wound up stuck to the nail polish still on my nail. And even after several dips, the glitter bits didn't come off.

My manicure was Zoya's Naked manicure base and pink corrector coats, covered by Cover Girl Outlast Rebel Red, over which I had tried out a coat of LA Colors "Craze" So I admit there was a lot to get off my nails, there, and the Cover Girl Capital Collection polishes have great staying power, for me. Still, I've been able to do a better job with similar manicures, just using ordinary removers, as well as a couple of times, using the Zoya remove + polish remover and cotton pads.

I know that getting tough-wearing polish off can be a pain, generally. I've never had quite as bad a time getting mine off, though, and I would recommend strongly against buying this product. Unless you long to have fuzzy white coatings on your nails!

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Treatments -Beauty Secrets -Acetone Nail Polish Remover

on 6/8/2017 11:56:00 PM


I'm obsessed with this remover it takes off nail polish so quick even glitter nail polish I try buying the ones like from target Walmart and I always end up coming back to this one.. now the 8 oz is $3.19 when 5 years ago it was $1.99 for the 8 oz bottle its worth every single penny tho 👌🏼

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