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Beauty Bakerie was founded by Cashmere Nicole in 2011. Part of the brand's mission is to raise breast cancer awareness. From the company website: " Our bakery-inspired line includes best-selling products ranging from liquid lipsticks, setting powder, and illuminators to eyebrow gel, eyeshadows, and eyeliners." In addition to selling their products online, BB has opened a retail location in San Diego.

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Lipstick -Beauty Bakerie -Cake Pop Lippie Mini

on 11/27/2018 2:43:00 PM


I purchased the shade Peanut Butter Luster at ULTA, and I'm definitely going to be picking up more. The formula is a bit dry, but that's to be expected from a matte lipstick. Beauty Bakerie always delivers with cute packaging and the cake pops are no exception, and with 15 shades to choose from, there's something for almost everyone.

Wear time on these is really good- I actually got longer wear time with my cake pop than I did with the BB lip whips I own. The small tube is convenient for travel. The only major drawback is the price- at $14 a piece, it's pretty expensive for only 0.05 oz of product.

nice shade range
comfortable formula for a matte lipstick
decent wear time
adorable packaging

pricey- $14 for 0.05 oz (roughly half the size of a MAC lipstick)

Misc Beauty Tools -Beauty Bakerie -Blending Eggs

on 11/11/2018 8:48:00 PM

I wanted to love these. The packaging is cute, the sponges are pretty colors (3 turquoise & 3 pink), & you get 6 sponges for $18! But sadly I can’t endorse because of how badly they tear when you clean them.
When I cleaned the first one I used, it got little tears all in it. Very disappointing. That was a turquoise sponge. I used & cleaned a pink one & it also got tears in it when I cleaned it. The tears were actually worse than they were with the turquoise one. Both are still usable, but I doubt the pink one will last through another cleaning.
As far as performance, I’ve never used these dry, so I can’t attest to their performance when dry, but I did like the way they performed when wet. I used these for applying/blending liquid foundation & also baking my under eye area. When wet, they get pretty big & they don’t taper as much at the tip like the beautyblender does, but I was able to work around that easily enough. I found that they gave me a better finish than beautyblender, so I was really excited about that. I didn’t see any difference in performance between the two colors, nor did they feel differently.
If these didn’t tear so bad when cleaning them, I would’ve given them a million stars. As great of a deal it is to get 6 sponges for $18, the value is diminished if you can only get 2-3 uses from each sponge. So disappointing.

Loose Powders -Beauty Bakerie -Flour Setting Powder

on 10/16/2018 12:56:00 PM


My holy grail! This powder works so amazingly at blurring and smoothening out my face! I have the transclucent one. It worked better than my previous powder (Too Faced Ethereal Setting Powder) and I was honestly left very shookt at how flawless my undereyes were! I reach for this powder so much even though I still have other powders.

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Foundations -Beauty Bakerie -Cake Mix Demi-Matte Foundation

on 7/16/2018 3:55:00 PM


I did some research before buying Cake Mix, and saw a whole plethora of both positive and negative reviews. However, what swayed me into trying it out were two things. First, the shade range is amazing! There's 30 shades--though the lightest is #59 so they're skipping numbers--in different undertones. Seeing the darkest shade as #1 and the lightest shade as #59 was definitely refreshing. Second, I was swayed by how Beauty Bakerie handled the whole Huda "Easy Bake" mess: with pure class.

I couldn't find a match from the website as most shades seemed to pull yellow, and I'm on the neutral/olive side. There also wasn't a match in the Comparison Guide, so I e-mailed them and told them what my best foundation match is (Tarte Amazonian Clay in Fairly Light Neutral). They recommended #55, which to be honest, still looked kind of too yellow to me, but I decided to jump.

The packaging is beyond cute! Go Google pics of the box, it's adorable.

The foundation this is where things are a little up and down.

Shade #55 turned out to be a pretty good match for me: it went on a little light but oxidized to a close match. It is also a little too yellow, though not as yellow as pictured on the website. But no worries, that can be corrected with some lavender powder. Plus, it didn't oxidize any further than it did in those first few minutes. So I was very happy with that.

There's definitely a learning curve when it comes to applying this foundation. This foundation needs to be applied FAST. Seriously. Don't try to dot it all over your face and expect it will all blend with no problem. Instead, work one section of the face at a time. And they're not kidding when they say stipple instead of brush as the foundation can and will streak! But using a beauty sponge or a bushy foundation brush to stipple made for a better application. Fingers can even do a decent job, so long as you're not going over your face in a line pattern, but instead stipple with your fingertips.

The finish is more matte than I'd like in a foundation. That's a personal preference. On the other hand, that more matte finish meant that the foundation wore like iron: even in 90+ degree heat, it held up nicely. The nose had developed some shine but that happens with most foundations I use--I just blot it away. Otherwise, no transfers and no smudging.

I tried adding in a couple drops of face oil into a batch and found that it made the foundation go on with more of a satin finish, though with less coverage. The added face oil also made the foundation easier to work with on the face.

The coverage is really more light-medium to medium than medium-full. I tried building up a second coat but found that it began to clump in areas. I think that if you want to layer, layer each section immediately: don't do the whole face and then apply the second coat. Finish one area, apply a second layer if necessary, then move on to the next area of the face.

Powder really isn't necessary with this foundation. If you do powder, be careful as you really can develop a floury (sp?) finish. But I was able to tone that down with some setting spray.

No skin irritation or issues came up as a result of using this foundation. Despite the matte finish, it was very comfortable to wear.

This definitely requires the big guns--double cleansing--to get it all off.

Value-wise, it's decent. $28 for 1oz works out to actually cost less than a few of my other foundations.

So this foundation is still a work in progress with me. I like it enough that I want to try to master applying it and really make it work with me. But as I said before, there's definitely a learning curve.

Overall, I would give this a solid 3.5 if I could, but since I can't and since I'm so pleased with the color match, I'm going to go up to 4.

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