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Bath and Body Works LLC was founded in 1990 in New Albany, Ohio. They opened their first store in Cambridge MA that year and launched a seasonal catalog along with a website in 2006. Product offerings include soaps, candles, home fragrances and body care. The parent company is L Brands (formerly Limited Brands) and Bath and Body Works is currently headquartered in Columbus OH. (Source: Wikipedia)

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Fragrances -Bath and Body Works -Dark Kiss


I'm late to the BBW wagon [as usual]. A friend of mine at work gave me the Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion & body wash for Xmas last year and when I used it up I was curious as to what others I might like. She was wearing this one afternoon and it smelled so lovely on her I just couldn't resist. I bought the body lotion, shea body cream and body was from Ebay and immediately fell in love!

The fragrance lasts quite awhile, especially the body cream. Days after I've used it I can still smell it on my sheets, pillows and jammies. It's very fruity, opulent but comforting to me. The body wash lathers up like a dream with a Salux cloth--in fact I've used a bit too much and had more bubbles than could go down the drain at once! I've tried it with a natural sponge too and it lathers up great. I also like that both the body lotion and cream moisturize so well; in fact I don't get dry skin as quickly as I do with other body lotions or creams I've tried.

Another addition to my kit for the days when my fibromyalgia and/or arthritis act up and I need something to make me feel a little better for awhile.

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Fragrances -Bath and Body Works -Deep Aqua


I loved this scent.. It was clean and relaxing, absolutely love everything about it!!

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Fragrances -Bath and Body Works -Sparkling Snowflake

on 8/7/2018 1:25:00 PM

If I could ever find this product again I would definitely buy it. 17 years later I can still remember just how this lotion smelled. Recently I purchased some handsoap from Bath and Body Works- Vanilla Coconut. I washed my hands and 30 minutes later I could smell just the faintest hint of what Sparkling Snowflake smelled like, but it didn't last very long. I wish B&BW would bring back the scents from the early 2000's- almost everything they have come out with lately has the same base fragrance which is a big turn off to me.

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Candles -Bath and Body Works -Island Papaya

on 8/1/2018 9:52:00 PM

What a great candle for summer! Listed fragrance notes include coconut, papaya, and sugarcane. It smells like tangy topical fruit and has medium throw. I like that I can smell the candle in the room even when it's not burning. The packaging is adorable and has a colorful "HAPPY" across the front. As with all of B&BW's candles, the wax mainly comprises soy/vegetable wax which burns cleaner than paraffin. With less than 1/4 used after several hours, I can tell that it's going to last a long time.

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Candles -Bath and Body Works -Sun-Washed Citrus

on 8/1/2018 8:57:00 PM

Listed fragrance notes for this candle include sugared lemon, mandarin, pineapple, & agave nectar. And the actual fragrance is just as advertised, sweet citrus with medium throw. I've burned it for several hours, and more than 75% is still left. It burns fairly cleanly as the majority of the candle comprises soy/vegetable-based wax rather than paraffin. Finally, the glass container is attractive and resembles a wicker basket.

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