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Cleansers -Basis -Sensitive Skin Bar

on 6/4/2018 8:03:00 PM


I have seborrheic dermatitis and using this soap with the help of my vitamin E cream has cleared up my face and gave me a radiant glow.

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Cleansers -Basis -Basis Cleaner Clean Face Wash

on 12/7/2017 10:07:00 PM


I like this but it burned my eyes so bad I had to throw it out. It doesn’t seem like anyone else has this issue... ugh!

Cleansers -Basis -So Refreshing Cloths


I would MAYBE buy this product again. This is a good cleaner, it takes off makeup very well. But there are many such products that do this also, and probably cheaper (also many much more expensive) . No fragrance at all here. Not bad.

Cleansers -Basis -Vitamin Bar

on 3/5/2016 7:39:00 PM

Basis vitamin bar is perfection! I was using Basis sensitive skin bar for 4.5 months and realized I needed something stronger for my acne prone, oily and extremely sensitive skin. I tried Neutrogena transparent facial bar for acne and it was too harsh. I then switches to Basis vitamin bar and it soothes my overly dry and peeling skin. My nose and forehead still get a little bit oily and the vitamin bar is clearing up the leftover bumps and moisturizing my skin at the same time. I always follow with a moisturizer after washing my face - I love Neutrogena oil free sensitive skin moisturizer and Cerave repair eye cream during the day and Aquaphor under my eyes at nighttime. The vitamin bar is my all in one miracle skin care go-to.

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Cleansers -Basis -All Clear Bar

on 5/3/2011 9:12:00 PM

My husband uses this as a body and face bar. He has oily skin with acne all over. This bar has cleared his skin considerably. The acne is rare now, and the oiliness improved. Difficult to use in the shower because it melts so easily, but worth the trouble. The scent is citrus, like 7up or Sprite, pretty refreshing!

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