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Moisturizers -Babor -HSR Lifting Cream

on 1/21/2018 3:58:00 AM

A good moisturizer that comes in a fancy package with a ' cream spoon' .
First I tried the HSR lifting foam mask and the result on my skin was so good, that I gave the lifting cream a chance.
I have a very sensitive skin, but hadn't any (bad) reaction. This cream really makes my skin glow more and let it appear just healthy and young. It has a very light, pleasant scent. I use it as a day and night cream (in combination with the HSR eye cream).
The only negative aspect about it is the price. Here in the Netherlands the price is about 90 euro for 50ml.

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Cleansers -Babor -Hyol

on 11/13/2017 8:31:00 PM


Removes makeup- leaves greasy residue in its place.
I had been wanting to try this cleansing oil for ages. Apparently, this was the pioneer c/o- the one that started it all. So, it stands to reason it'd be great, right? Turns out no.
I purchased a sample size (30ml/1oz) bottle of this along with it's companion phyto cleanser (which seemed pretty useless). really glad I got the sample first, because I had been seriously considering buying the salon size bottle for cheap on eBay.
Out of the bottle, this stuff is on the thicker side. Makes massaging it around to get my makeup off just that little bit more ... strenuous, I guess you could say.
The scent is also very strong- and I personally don't find it pleasant. Reminds me of those cheap, powdery perfumes/soaps. Scent does disappear when rinsed.
The worst thing about this, though, is the oily residue. It does -sort of- emulsify into a watery-milk but when I splash it off with water afterwards, my face seems to be coated in this gross, oily residue. Like this stuff didn't fully emulsify and now my face is covered in thick oil. Which is, essentially, what happened. Fail.
However, this does not irritate my skin (does sting if you get it in your eyes, though!) or cause breakouts (though that is probably due to my having been recently on accutane, rather than the virtues of this stuff). My skin is normal/dry and quite sensitive.
It does seem effective at removing makeup, though probably not as efficiently as others.
I will not repurchase.
So, whilst this product is significant and deserves praise for bringing cleansing oils to the world, the field has made lots of progress since then. I guess its testament to the wisdom that one should never buy the first iteration of any new technology! :P

Eyeliner -Babor -Line correcting pencil

on 7/21/2016 4:53:00 PM


I love this eye liner (doubling up as a lip liner)! It is a neutral light beige shade ("Creme") perfect for brightening the inner corner and the lower lid - and also the whole (!) upper eyelid acting as a brightening primer. For many years after the Guerlain beigy-pink eyeliner (shade 00) was discontinued I searched for a replacement because once I tried that light beige pencil I could never go back to those stark white ones (imo they look too unnatural, and also can accentuate the red cappilaries in the eye). Givenchy had a much pinker one with some shimmer - but it was too pink and had an unpleasant waxy texture with an uneven color payoff and little staying power. Chanel once carried a limited edition light beige eyeliner (was it #69?) - and it was good but at times slightly irritated my eye (i still used it!) and never was rereleased [edit 2018: hurrah, Chanel now carry it in its permanent range). No other makeup brand seemed to get the beauty of the light beige brightener instead of the white. So, finally I found my happiness where I never expected to - this Babor two-purpose liner is absolutely HG! I love the way it goes on smoothly, it is easy to blend in with a finger, and the longevity is superb. The shade is perfect - both for me (I'm fair neutral-cool NC10) and my Mom who's neutral-warm Nw15-20. I think the shade is very versatile and would suit darker skin tones as well. For skintones around NC/nw 15-20 it could also work as a concealer - the texture, very high pigmentation and the longevity should allow that.
The ingredients are good ( i know MUFE now carries a very similar shade in their Aqua Eyes range - but the ingredients are terrible! - i also hate the way aqua eyes pencils apply and wear).
I'm so glad Babor thought to make this and I really-really hope they'll never ever discontinue it.

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Treatments (Face) -Babor -FLUIDS Active concentrates in ampoules

on 7/13/2016 12:18:00 PM

I used the Active Night Fluid ampoules for four nights. My skin absorbed the fluid quickly, leaving no greasy residue. There is enough in one ampoule for your face, neck, chest and hands. This fluid made my skin look very healthy and restored it from its dehydrated state. It diminished fine lines and pores, made my skin look firm and plump. It's much better than any other serum I've used (e.g. EL Night Repair).

Moisturizers -Babor -DERMA CELLULAR Collagen Booster Cream

on 7/13/2016 12:13:00 PM

A 10-day trip in Ladakh, India made my skin extremely dehydrated and feeling rough. I bought this cream in Hamburg because I heard many good things about it and the Babor store was a couple of blocks from my hotel. After only two days of use, my skin felt very soft and hydrated. The cream is not greasy and your dehydrated skin absorbs it quickly. There is a mild scent but it is not overpowering. The following nights I used the Babor active night fluid ampoules (generous samples given to me at the Hamburg store) before applying this cream. Result: my skin looked much better than ever - soft, hydrated, pores minimized, fine lines diminished!

It is much cheaper to buy Babor in Germany than in the US. The mark-up in the US is absurd.

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