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BB Cream -BRTC -Jasmine Water BB Cream SPF 30 PA++

on 6/16/2018 8:53:00 PM


One of the lighter BB creams out there, with an unusual greyish pinky tone. However, it has an impressive coverage level especially for a BB cream - medium to full coverage, and can also serve as a concealer over mild discolouration - a pink mark from a healed pimple, as an example. The finish is very dewy, in keeping with Korean trends - this sadly does not flatter my oily skin. It's difficult to properly discern its wear time as I always look so shiny, and I'm unsure whether it's down to the finish or if the formula sends my sebaceous glands into overdrive.

Unfortunately for me, it caused a lot of issues with clogged pores, primarily closed comedones with some blackheads peppered around. When I'd stop using this, my skin would improve, and retrying this brought on comedonal acne with every use. As you might imagine, I ditched this and never looked back. Completely unsuitable for combination and oily skin types.

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BB Cream -BRTC -Gold Caviar BB Cream

on 1/22/2016 3:41:00 PM


This Korean BB cream is good enough for me. The color does not look too "weird". The texture is smooth enough. It also contains anti-aging ingredients that is supposed to be good for my skin.

BB Cream -BRTC -Aqua Rush Water Drop BB Cream SPF28/PA++

on 10/26/2015 11:01:00 AM


Got this as a sample with purchase. I really like this cream. I need a medium to full coverage and this worked great. I didn't have to use concealer to cover up imperfections. The consistency is thicker than most other BB creams which I like. I have dry skin and this didn't dry my face out.

BB Cream -BRTC -Blemish Recover Balm SPF 28

on 11/21/2014 6:59:00 PM


This was my first BB cream due all the nice comments for oily, acne prone skin.
The colour was okay for my NC15 skin. Actually everything was okay, except it makes me break out! Have no idea what ingredient it is and what other brand I could use..

Powder -BRTC -Jasmine Moist Powder

on 9/10/2012 8:59:00 AM


You know the Almay cooling powder that kinda feels like cool water on your skin? Well this is similar and I love it. First of all it smells like real Jasmine less intense than LUSH's Jasmine scents but something I cannot stop smelling.

Does it work? Yes, it does it goes on cool almost melting into your skin which is pretty cool. The water droplets inside are great because it's good for dry skin and it helps wake you up in the morning. I like this as a finishing powder before I spray my All Nighter because it cools the skin and so does the setting spray so I find my makeup does not budge for a loooong time.

This is great for warm climates and for when you are hot and want to cool down. It doesn't get cakey or ashy it seems to just melt. The smell did I mention is just so nice.:) No breakouts as of yet. I will edit if anything changes but a good powder for the price and it does go perfectly with BRTC Jasmine BB Cream but honestly it works great with Skin79 ect..

It's pretty long lasting but I love retouching because of the feel on my skin. It doesn't get cakey and keeps oil at bay for quite a while and my forehead can shine I tell you so I am very satisfies with this powder. I would purchase it again as long as I can:)
Downside is a small puff and no mirror which is great for going out and for touch ups. That though are silly negatives because it's what's on the inside that counts.

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