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Recent Aziza Reviews

Powder -Aziza -Cream to powder foundation

on 1/23/2017 4:39:00 PM


This product is dirt-cheap and surprisingly effective. As others have noted, it's not a cream but a powder that has the coverage of a foundation. It spreads readily, offers enough coverage to conceal a blemish if need be and lasts for hours. I bought mine in the color "Jasmine", a color that is unusual in that it neither looks too orange or too pink or too chalky (white), which is a common problem for many powders at many pricepoints. I do wish I had purchased more because it was only a $1 at a dollar store but it acts like a product costing 150x as much. The only gripe is that the compact doesn't have a mirror but that's how they keep the cost down. It is manufactured in China and distributed by Jean Philippe Fragrance, LLC out of New York. Unfortunately, their website isn't much so I can't figure out where to repurchase.

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Eyes -Aziza -Lengthening Mascara


I'm sorry, I can't give this mascara a good review just because it cost a dollar. Did I want to like it? Yes, I actually wanted to love it, buy 30 at a time, and never have to worry about mascara again. But somewhere deep down, I knew this was going to be a cheapo let down. And I was right.
The packaging- there's cheap, and then there's you-gotta-be-kiddin-me.. I am not a makeup snob; most of my foundations, concealers, and powders come directly from the Rite Aid shelves and I am totally satisfied at least half the time. But this mascara is beyond the pale- the tube is one wrong move away from cracking, and the wand is a spiraled piece of plastic.
The formula is just.. Nothing. It doesn't add volume, hold a curl, and it certainly doesn't lengthen. It smells kinda funky too. It smeared a little, but it's not a very wet formula, in fact it dried pretty fast. My lashes looked boring after I used this.
On the plus side, I'm only out $1, and it didn't flake or transfer during the day, which actually shocked me. It didn't get clumpy either (probably because it barely adds any volume).
I cannot recommend this, but I suppose it could've been worse and for $1, it will be painless to throw it away.

Eyeliner -Aziza -liquid eyeliner


I feel like I'm on crazy pills, because I've read the reviews and this eyeliner didn't treat me as bad as all that. In fact, for costing a single dollar it could've been way, way worse.
I ran out of my other black liquid liner and had some of this hidden in my drawer that I picked up way-back-when at the dollar store.. I didn't expect much, but this created a BOLD black line and lasted all day. Seriously the color payoff was excellent.
Now for the not so good news.. This does itch and sting a bit as it dries. It's not painful, just kind of a feeling like when you put on an exfoliating cream. It dries fast though.
The packaging is like the 80s called and the want their makeup back. Cheap. But that wouldn't be a big deal by itself, except the wand is a bit bulky and not thin or pointed enough to create a small or clean line without effort.
Still, I hate to nitpick something that costs next to nothing and actually looks pretty good on. It's not something I'd call a hidden gem but it's not awful either. Do some math and if you can't work Wet n Wild's much better $2.50 version into your budget, feel free to pick this up and enjoy.

Eye Shadow -Aziza -Neutral Tones

This was literally a dollar! It's a lovely little palette that comes in six traditionally useable neutral shades on the brown range. They have good pigmentation, blend nicely and stay well. I have found myself using all six and they are of a deceptively good quality for a dollar store brand.
If you can find this I highly recommend picking it up, or several! As another poster mentioned, I don't like bringing my bigger and more expensive eyeshadow palettes to work with me because some of them take up half my purse! I also don't like lugging them around in fear they will break. So I usually take this with me to touch up any eyeshadow throughout the day. This palette is small and fits well in any makeup bag, and I usually wear neutral shades on my eyes so this is very convenient for me to have on hand at all times.

Eye Shadow -Aziza -6 Color EyeShadow Palette

on 6/20/2015 1:06:00 AM


I picked up the 6 pan palette "Nashville" at a dollar store for .99cents because I was drawn to the mauve and orange/rust shades to use as crease colors (it also includes a gray, light blue, and darker blue). I find myself using them more and more.

Only one shade (light pastel blue) has noticeable sheen while the rest have a very subtle satin finish that still work well on the crease (they look almost matte). All but the mauvey tone have good enough pigment for my crease (I would rather start more subtle and build up as needed) and are rather soft for a cheap brand--the mauve is a bit more dry and applies more sheer but I am able to build up when wearing as a crease shade.

When using my MAC 217 for the crease, they apply smoothly and when worn over primer do not crease or fade on me during the day.

Overall, quite happy with this one dollar purchase.

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