Eau Thermal Avene

Avene is a skin care company which takes it's name from a thermal spring in France, whose medicinal properties were discovered in 1736. The company was founded in 1990, using the spring water as the key ingredient in its formulas. The product line includes cleansers and sun care, along with anti-aging and acne solutions. They are sold online and select dermatology offices nationwide.

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Recent Eau Thermal Avene Reviews

Moisturizers -Eau Thermal Avene -Cleanance HYDRA

on 2/20/2018 5:10:00 AM


This is my all-time favorite face cream. I have combination to dry, sensitive skin, that's prone to redness and acne. I cannot use harsh anti-acne products, as they have always made my skin worse, never better. However I have recently discovered how gentle skincare can sometimes help acne more than acne-specific, oil-stripping products. I use this as a night creme (it's slightly greasy/ makes me look oily, but it does work well as a makeup base as well), after using the Avene Cleanance gel cleanser, and sometimes on top of Bioderma Sensibio AR face cream. It hydrates, plumps, and calms everything there is to calm on my skin -breakouts, redness, dryness.

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Cleansers -Eau Thermal Avene -Cleanance soapless gel cleanser for oily skin

on 2/20/2018 4:58:00 AM


I do not have oily skin- more like combination to dry, sensitive, and very acne-prone. As a rule, anti-acne products usually irritate it and make my breakouts worse, and I have spent a long time (and money on dermatologists and products) trying to find a product that would help. Now, THIS reduced my breakout rate by 90%, and it doesn't dry my skin out or irritate it in any way. It does have a fragrance that I find very unpleasant (sort of like cheap soap), but that didn't do anything bad to my skin. However, it doesn't do a great job removing makeup, so I always cleanse with micellar water first. I use it in combination with Bioderma Sensibio AR cream during the day and Avene Cleanance Hydra at night. This has turned out to be the best skincare combination for me so far.

Skincare - Face -Eau Thermal Avene -Thermal Spring Water

on 2/20/2018 3:55:00 AM


This product confuses me.
It has calmed the KP had on the back of my arms, which is amazing.
But it broke my face out.
I've only been using it a few days so I'm going to keep with it to see if my skin clears.
But, I do recommend to anyone with KP!

Treatments (Face) -Eau Thermal Avene -Triacneal Expert emulsion

on 2/19/2018 4:55:00 AM


This helps keep reduce my acne and prevent breakouts. It is a great product if your skin is too sensitive for benzoic acid or products with salicylic acid. It doesn’t do anything for my blackheads. I can only use it on the oily parts of my face as it dries me out if I use it on my cheeks.

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Moisturizers -Eau Thermal Avene -Extremely Rich Compensating Cream

on 2/18/2018 11:16:00 AM


First I would like to say that I love Avéne skin care. Their product range is huge, and they are affordable yet great quality.

I love this creme for day and night use, yet I mostly use it at night. It has a rich texture that absorbs into the skin relatively fast. It is extremely hydrating and soothing. After using this cream I noticed my skin was softer, smoother, and looked brighter. It helped heal patches and red spots I had on my cheeks from acne and dry skin. The scent is very fresh. Also it did not make my skin oily or clog my pores at all. I highly recommend this cream!

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