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Sunscreen -Australian Gold -Botanical Tinted Sunscreen Mineral Lotion SPF 50

on 9/18/2018 9:51:00 PM


This is my HG sunscreen. I use it on my face and chest (which is sun damaged and red) daily, and I love the light coverage and primer-like blurring. I frequently use just this and concealer and love that there’s still some roses in my cheeks and freckles peeking through. I find it comfortable, and not drying at all, so ymmv based on other’s complaints. This stuff gives you plenty of time to rub it in, and once it sets, it does.not.budge.

That actually leads me to some cons (that I’m willing to live with): it does not play well with every type of makeup. I use a waxier stick concealer on blemishes, and if I don’t get it on before the sunscreen sets, blending it out can cause a “burn through” effect that is really difficult to repair. Mineral powder foundation needs to be brushed on in a downwards motion and can not be buffed. Cream and gel blushes don’t blend well. Powder products need to be applied with a light hand and built up carefully, and they stick to the sunscreen like glue, making blending tough if you over apply. I would definitely not wear this under event makeup.

I have no problem with white cast, but I usually buy foundation with the word “ivory” in it, so I’m not the person to ask about that issue. I do, however, burn quickly, and I can attest to the efficacy of this product as a sunscreen. I went on a houseboat during 35°c July heat, and spent the weekend swimming and drinking cocktails on deck (read:forgetting to reapply), and still escaped with no burns. I double cleanse with jojoba oil and a foaming cleanser in the evening, because again - this stuff is almost waxlike in its holding abilities. However, I haven’t had any problems with breaking out (which is the main reason why I’ll buy this for as long as I can get my greedy hands on it), and it doesn’t irritate my eyes. I call it a win and am in love.

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Self Tanners -Australian Gold -Instant Sunless Tanner

on 8/29/2018 7:58:00 PM

I am a fan of several sunscreens by this brand so I thought to try this self tanner. I currently use St. Tropez mousse and Tan Ceuticals lotion and they both produce a great, fake tan. This lotion feels great but it has an odd scent. It does not smell at all like like DHA but fruity/floral and it is initially strong but luckily does not stick around long. Unfortunately, it does not do much darkening for me and I don't need to be crazy bronze. I am pretty fair so it is easy to see color on me and this does not do much at all. I can't tell if it adds more color than one coat of gradual tanner even. I will try a few coats spread out to see if I can get some payoff but on my initial application, this is a no go.

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Sunscreen -Australian Gold -Botanical Sunscreen Mineral Lotion SPF 50


OMG... amazing sunscreen and now my HG! I will never buy another body sunscreen again! A few years ago I started trying to phase out chemical laden products, particularly chemical based sunscreens (I.e. avobenzone). While I have found a few decent mineral based sunscreens for the face I hadn’t found any great ones for the body. Everything for the body that I tried was too thick, too pasty white, or too ridiculously expensive. Or still contained some form of chemical sunscreen. Therefore for the last few years I have been reluctantly using Palmer’s cocoa butter moisturizing sunscreen and Hawaiian Tropic sheer sunscreens which are laden with chemicals. Not only are these sunscreens not safe, but like most sunscreens you can feel them on the skin and smell them all day, so I have dreaded putting them on. I ran across Australian Gold Botanicals at Ulta and was stoked to see that these sunscreens contain only zinc and titanium, and also include no other unhealthy ingredients like parabens. At 16 bucks a pop these are definitely at a higher price point than most sunscreens but pretty low for mineral based sunscreens which I have seen run 30.00! The very first thing I noted about the sunscreen was the amazing smell. It does not smell like sunscreen in the slightest. It does have a quite noticeable, tropical fruit type scent that I don’t mind - it is unusual for me to not be bothered by the smell of sunscreen because every single sunscreen I’ve ever used smells like, well, sunscreen. Except for this one. The consistency is light and almost whipped, and spreads on very easily. The cool thing is that within seconds, it dries to a powdery finish. There’s nothing heavy, greasy, or FILMY about this sunscreen (I emphasize filmy because I hate products that make you feel like you’re wearing a mask on the skin - some La Roche Posay sunscreens have made me feel this way and ugh!). It absorbs quickly. The only con is that is does leave the skin feeling a bit dry. However, in my very hot climate, having sticky skin doesn’t feel good either. In short this sunscreen has the trifecta - feels nice, smells nice, and is safe - and I am a customer for life!

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Sunscreen -Australian Gold -Botanical Sunscreen for the face SPF 50

on 6/6/2018 8:31:00 PM

This is a very nice alternative to more expensive face sunscreen and is slightly tinted, which is nice. The color is pale so if you are a darker toned person, it will likely be too light. It is not greasy, does not interact with foundation, and is comfortable to wear. The price is right, $13.99, a little expensive, but it does not sting my eyes if I get sweaty, and is compatible with makeup. I have been using Skinceuticals Matte sunscreen which is VERY expensive. With this one, I feel I am getting better coverage. Definitely one of the best choices out there.

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Sunscreen -Australian Gold -Tanning Lotion

on 6/14/2017 2:32:00 AM

I wrote a review for the tan extender as well, I love these 2 products! Really helps give you an amazing summer tan in just a couple hours under the sun! Works ever better when you apply the moisturizer tan extender afterwards! I can't believe I hadn't heard of this brand until now, it seriously changed my tanning game! A definite summer must have (and it smells just like the lotion which is heavenly btw ladies).

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