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Hair Treatments -Aussie -3 Minute Miracle Deeeeep


This is hands down the best detangkin mask I've ever tied, so I'll always keep several bottles on hand (and it's so cheap)! This said, I don't think it really improves hair health, but it is the best detangling deep conditioner and it leavea my hair very soft and smooth. I just don't think it actually imoroves my hair health at all. It's still incredible for what it is, and I will continue to buy more bottles. It's very useful and has an excellent nostalgic scent-reminds me of my high school days when this was all I ever used. i would definitely recommend it, but if you have damaged hair like me, you may want to try a protein mask before you use this one.

Hair -Aussie -3 Minute Miracle - Moist

on 2/7/2018 7:36:00 AM


words aren't enough to explain how much i love this, its something you have to have, its inexpensive and amazing , it makes my hair so soft and defined, i have 2a to 2b hair but its so puffy and undefined but this makes it look smoother and shows some curls that my hair doesn't normally show.

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Shampoo -Aussie -Moist Shampoo

on 1/28/2018 8:18:00 PM


There is a nice, fresh smelling scent to this shampoo. While I’m not sure about the claim to help thirsty locks, I do like that it is creamier than most drugstore shampoos and that it lathers really well. My hair feels clean whenever I use this and it’s inexpensive which is great!

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Hair Treatments -Aussie -3 Minute Miracle


Felt kind of slimy in my hair :(

Dry Shampoo -Aussie -Miracle Dry Shampoo Aussome Volume

on 1/23/2018 12:48:00 PM


I am here to repeat what others already said. This is not a good dry shampoo. I have actually tried one that was even worse (some smaller brand whose name I don't remember), but I won't be repurchasing this one either.
It might to some extent serve as a mild strength styling hairspray and it does help if you need to mask the not-so-fresh scent of your hair, but that's all. It does not add volume nor make my hair look any cleaner at all. The scent is not too bad, in my opinion (it kinda reminds me of a standard hair salon product scent), but it is way too strong.
Not a fan.

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