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Recent Aussie Reviews

Shampoo -Aussie -Moist Shampoo

on 9/19/2018 7:02:00 PM


One of my roommates (male) buys nothing but Aussie shampoo and his hair is very oily or always has a dirty hair look. He brought a big shampoo of it so me him and my boyfriend can share and the moment after I use it, it makes my hair itch! The 2nd day I don’t take a shower, it makes my hair have a dirty oily look and that never happens to me! (not kidding!) so I’m continuing to use it hoping for a change and I notice that my hair is starting to fall off which also never happens. I hate this product. I have very fine hair as well and usually nothing triggers my hair except Aussie!

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Styling Products -Aussie -Instant Freeze Sculpting Gel,

on 9/18/2018 7:32:00 PM


This should be called instant frizz, because that's what happened to my hair. I have 3a/b very fine, curly hair and just want curl definition and hold from my hair gel.
I applied it to my wet hair, raking it through, and blotted with a t-shirt, and it did nothing. It looked like I had used no product in my hair at all. My hair was just fluffy and wild.

I returned it.

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Styling Products -Aussie -Real Volume Styling Mousse

on 9/4/2018 4:56:00 PM


I generally hate hair products that feel crunchy or obvious and avoid most mousses and gels and salt sprays, etc., like the plague, unless I'm desperate.

I have the benefit of working from home a lot of the time so I have little need to use products all the time, but even when I go out I rarely use more than one or two staples.

For a mousse, however, I quite like this. The price is good. It's unfortunately a bit heavily scented, but not bad. It doesn't hang around in a perfume cloud around my head, so that's good.

It does do a nice job of adding a bit of volume and control when I need it on, say, a hot and muggy day. It especially helps cut some frizz. (I should add I have short hair, too, that's fine and a bit wavy). I can scrunch a bit in to wet or dry hair and it'll set nicely and create a bit more curl on me. It doesn't set in a super crunchy way, either, which is a relief. I think it adds a bit of volume, too.

It hasn't become a daily godsend for me, but when I want a bit of a volume boost, or my hair is getting due for a trim, then this works to extend the style a bit and adds a bit of polish. Not my favorite product ever, but it's served well when I've needed that extra something to make it look like I want to make a hair effort.

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Conditioner -Aussie -Miracle Moist conditioner for dry/damaged hair

on 7/4/2018 5:05:00 PM


It seems the more you use the less it works? I mean its fine, its just not very good is it.

Hair -Aussie -3 Minute Miracle - Moist


I have an oily scalp and very dry ends. This smells so great and made my hair smooth. It made my hair a bit limp though, my curls didn't hold for anything.

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