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Treatments (Face) -ASTALIFT -IN-FOCUS Cell Active Serum

on 10/31/2017 1:57:00 AM


The IN-FOCUS Cell Active Serum is the latest high-profile product launch by Astalift. This product has taken Asia by quite a storm with media and press events dedicated exclusively for the product.

This serum is apparently engineered with skin stem cells to delay the signs of aging and yes, it's mainly targetted to aging woman (I believe from aged 40 onwards). It is also the most expensive product retailing at approximately USD130/bottle which is in 30ml.

The bottle is elegantly designed with a pump, and a refill bottle is also available. The product comes in a gel like texture that literally melts into water upon contact with skin- pretty impressive. The experience of incorporating this product into your skincare regimen is lovely as the product spreads easily like butter on the skin without any greasiness or heavy-feeling. Scent wise is quite therapeutic with scents from rose, bergamot and neroli.

I'm not giving it 5 stars as I felt as though it hasn't done much for my skin. This is probably a potent anti-aging product, however, I am not even in my 30s yet to vouch for its effectiveness. It's a lovely product, but I probably will not repurchase it if I run out of it.

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Toners -ASTALIFT -Astalift White Bright Lotion

on 10/31/2017 1:42:00 AM


The Bright Lotion is meant to be a toner in the Astalift skincare regimen. Strangely, if you look at the usage sequence, this product should come AFTER the Jelly Aquacrysta. The suggested sequence is Cleanser>Jelly>Lotion>Essence>Cream.

It is recommended that you use it in patting motion instead of using a cotton pad. Upon dispensing, the lotion is very fluid with a orange-reddish hue. The hue does not leave any cast on the skin.

The rose scent is present in this product. I dispense one pump on my palms and pat is across my face until skin is dry (but it will leave a slightly sticky feeling). I absolutely love this lotion as it deeply hydrates my skin without that oily cast. If you have used any Hada Labo products, you'll get what I mean. I experience the same type of hydration, but it does not leave a film of 'heavy' product sitting on top of the skin. Formulated with nano collagen, the active ingredients are supposedly nano-molecularly engineered to penetrate deep down into the skin giving immediate results. I do feel it's working.

I do believe that this product imparts some form of glow to the skin upon consistent usage. You end up with hydrated skin, which will eventually give it a beautiful glow. I highly recommend the entire Astalift skincare range!

Cleansers -ASTALIFT -Astalift Moisture Foam

on 10/31/2017 1:31:00 AM


This is the only foam cleanser in the Astalift range- the other being a cleanser gel (which is supposedly be a make-up remover instead).

Like most Japanese cleansing foam, it comes in a squeeze tube and a plastic cap to cover the opening of the product. It is lightly scented with the signature rose scent which is present in all its other products.

Upon contact with water, it lathers into a rich foam and cleanses very easily without stripping off moisture from the skin. It truly lives up to its name "moisture" because it doesn't make your skin tight after cleansing.

I am currently using the entire range from Astalift- and to me, this is another great product from the range!

Moisturizers -ASTALIFT -Jelly Aquarysta

on 10/1/2017 2:31:00 AM


Astalift is a less known Japanese brand by it’s parent company, Fujifilm which is one of the pioneers in film and photography product- who knew!

I started using the sample kit in my 2-week holiday and noticed a difference in my skin. It seemed more plump and glowy- and I don’t think all is attributed to the holiday glow :p

The Aquacrysta is their star product which you apply directly AFTER cleansing, followed by toner, essence and a moisturiser to seal in all the goodness. This product is apparently engineered with nanotechnology resulting in really small particles allowing one key ingredient, collagen, to penetrate straight to the bottom of the skin for immediate results.

I do not see how you can use this product alone, without following the rest of the skincare as it’s really just works like a jelly on the skin- it doesn’t provide much moisture. It’s almost like a pre-toner.

How the entire Astalift range works is, in my opinion, layering your skin with very light layers of moisture. Although there’s like 5 layers of products after cleansing, my skin feels plump, without any hint of oiliness.

I have tried the Lunamer range, which is for teenagers. It’s okay basic skincare- nothing more nothing less. I love the Astalift range, and am seeing results. My skin is always hydrated and the signature rose scent elevated the entire skincare regime. Very delightful I must say.

It gives high-end results at a reasonable price point (compared to other Japanese skincare; Shiseido, SK II etc). Definitely see myself using this range for a while!

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Liquid -ASTALIFT -Light Analyzing Liquid Foundation

on 3/8/2017 9:51:00 AM

I thought I'd try this foundation after reading some good reviews. I struggle to find a foundation in the right colour as I am quite pale but with yellow tones and some redness. The best foundation I have ever tried was Guerlain Tenue de Perfection, but unfortunately the palest shade available in the UK leaves me with an orange face, hence I usually mix two of the paler shades in Chanel's Les Beiges Healthy Glow foundation. Still not perfect but getting there. Time to try another foundation. I found a good deal on the Astralift Light Analyzing foundation, so purchased both 'Sunny Beige' and 'Honey Beige'. Both are a good match colour wise, better than the majority of foundations I have tried, (other than Prescriptives), Honey Beige having the edge. I found the best, smoothest coverage was when applied with a foundation brush. It is more a mat velvet finish. I did have to apply translucent powder to my T zone after an hour or so, but in general I am quite happy with the staying power of the foundation and also the general result. It doesn't sink into lines. It does cling slightly to dry patches, yet is a little greasy in creases at side of nose and in chin, but that is on really close inspection and is a problem I often have with my combination skin. It is worth noting that the yellow tones are not warm tones but quite cool, I guess as made for cooler Asian skin tones and not olive based. In fact I am sure I can detect an almost green based undertone, but I am a painter and do notice subtle variations. The good thing about this is that it works very well in covering redness. All in all, perfectly satisfied with this foundation for every day winter coverage, not sure how it will fare in summer, especially as it does indeed appear differently in different lighting. I guess I will go up a shade or two to Sand or Caramel and find out : )

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