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Body Scrubs -AromaFloria -AromaRemedy Salt Glow Body Scrub

on 10/31/2011 11:48:00 PM

The scent takes a little getting used to--it smells a little bit like Vicks.I would prefer a more minty scent. But I like the texture, because it is grainy but not abrasive, and it feels clean. It did not cause itchiness or breakouts. It's rather pricey.

Body Scrubs -AromaFloria -Stress Less Foaming Salt Glow Polish

on 3/6/2008 11:25:00 PM

I don't like this at all! Not much to work with, even though it looks like there are tons of beads. Too gentle to really exfoliate. I barely feel like it did ANYTHING at all. I was looking for Mint Julep Scrub but couldn't find any so got this instead. Costed about $12 at CVS, waste of $ for what it does. UPDATE 3/18/08: I've been using this almost daily so I can get rid of it, and since then my bf has been complimenting me on how smooth my skin is. I'm probably not going to repurchase, but I'm giving this 4 lippies instead of 2.

Other -AromaFloria -Sleep Ease Inhalation Beads

on 9/6/2007 3:40:00 PM

I've recently had trouble falling asleep, so I've been looking for a natural product that will help put me in that sleepy mood. I purchased these since they are advertised as "relaxing the mind and body for a deep comfortable sleep". Well, what a waste this was because it isn't relaxing at all. It comes packaged in a small plastic jar, and it is filled with many small gel beads. This is meant to be inhaled before bedtime, or kept next to the bedtable to inhale to help induce sleepiness. I actually found that this stuff did the opposite. I felt alert and stimulated after smelling this. And it's not even a pleasant scent; it smells strongly of cheap bar soap, and various other unidentified chemicals. Don't waste your money on this product like I did. I'll stick with my herbal tea before bed and hope for the best!!

Body Scrubs -AromaFloria -Muscle Soak Sugar Salt Glow Body Scrub

This one feels nice and exfoliates perfectly without being harsh. This is really the best scrub I have ever tried, and I have tried many. I'm tossing out my expensive Bliss scrubs in favor of this wonderful product that you can find at CVS. It leaves my skin like velvet and tingles slightly because of the eucalyptus, without burning. I love it!

Bath Treatments -AromaFloria -muscle soak body wash

on 2/19/2005 6:15:00 PM

This body wash comes in eucalyptus and also in lavender. If you are a eucalyptus lover, this one's for you. The fragrance and lather are exceptional. It is more expensive than the typical d.s. body wash, but there is a real difference in quality, IMO. The flip-top cap is hard to pry open in the shower, packaging could be better, but I love what's inside!! Just a word of warning--you may want to keep a milder bodywash in the shower for 'sensitive' areas of your body, if you get my drift--it can be a bit more of a 'wake-up' than you want!!

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