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Misc Beauty Tools -Ardell -Brush-On Lash Adhesive

on 1/12/2018 4:07:00 AM


So I bought this glue because I was not happy with the DUO clear-white glue. I love the applicator of the Ardell glue, I also found it that the glue did a great job with keep my false lashes on really well throughout the day. The biggest problem with this glue is and it’s very disappointment is that when I try to take it off it completely ruin my false lashes and it rip out my real lashes as well. I do use makeup remover/warm water to loosen the glue first but it just not good. I spend a lot of money on the false lash and expecting to use it more than once, but with this glue forget about it, your false lash will only be good for one time use ....
And when you try to take the glue off from the lashes it’s super hard and crusty.
I would rather stick to the DUO glue

Misc Beauty Tools -Ardell -Fauxmink Invisiband Lashes

on 1/8/2018 5:07:00 PM


I got a pair of Ardell Faux Mink #811 lashes from Walmart here in Canada for under $10. Usually, I buy the five packs, but I wanted to try these faux mink ones.

They are lovely on - very long and full and natural looking lashes, but they give a very glam look. They feel entirely different from regular Ardell lashes - less plastic, and the band even seems a bit thicker and more like a flexible fabric band? It is a bit harder to conceal than the standard Ardell lash bands.

They wore super comfortably, and I didn't need to trim them. Like all Ardell lashes application was a breeze and they wore comfortably for 12+ hours. They are easy to reuse and feel quite sturdy. I would certainly repurchase for another event or party.

Hair -Ardell -Red Gold Color Corrector

on 12/6/2017 11:55:00 AM


Honestly if I could rate this a zero I would. I had beautiful icy blonde hair. Had a little bit of yellow coming through in certain areas so I was told by a girl in Sally’s beauty supply to use this stuff. Now my hair is pink and I’ve tried just about everything to get the color out besides bleaching which is what I may have to do. This stuff is horrible and ruined my $300 dye job and now I’m going to have to pay another $300 to fix it. Take this off the market and do everyone a favor.

Brows -Ardell -Mechanical Pencil

on 11/28/2017 10:52:00 PM


Hard to apply because it is way too waxy. Had to throw out after couple of weeks since the core broke and got stuck in the pencil cup.

Eyes -Ardell -Demi Wispies - Black


These are the most amazing lashes. They compliment every eye shape and they’re not too dense as to ‘close the eye’ up. The band is thin and keeps its rounder shape so that it doesn’t peel up at the edges once they’re stuck down. Can’t fault them!

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