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Misc Beauty Tools -Ardell -LashTite Adhesive

on 3/5/2018 9:50:00 PM


I'm *ecstatic* that I managed to find this product again. It's been years of hunting and missing individual lashes.

Let me start by addressing negative reviews: guys. This stuff is called individual lash glue. It's not for strip lashes. No matter how "eh, why not" you feel, don't ever try this. It WILL rip out your lashes, because that's not the intended use.

This glue is made to last 2 weeks. I agree with other reviewers who say that's a stretch - I'd say it lasts a week. It's very easy to use (correctly). You pour it out (I honestly use aluminum foil), dip either a single to a triple individual lash into the glue, hold the tweezer up to eyelid and apply. Sometimes ya miss, sometimes you connect. Practice makes perfect. Fill in all the gaps by repeating this process (anticipate 30 minutes to do both eyes, more or less depending on practice level) - and you're good to go for a week.

This isn't for everyone. This isn't for strip lashes. But this IS for people who have a good chunk of time at one point in the week, less time the rest, and/or enjoy getting their makeup routine over with.

One more time for emphasis - NOT FOR STRIP LASHES. This is as close to superglue as you can get, and you really don't want to superglue strip lashes to your eyelids. Side note that I recommend the remover - it's still tough to use but it will help get off the stragglers that persist until the very end.

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Misc Beauty Tools -Ardell -Naturals #172

on 2/28/2018 3:35:00 PM

This lash style is lush without being ridiculously fake. The style is a criss-cross and moderately long. The best characteristic is the band holds its perfect curve and the lashes only curve up on the tips. The only oddity is the lashes are a tiny bit shiny but some might like that.

Eyes -Ardell -Magnetic Lash Accent #001

on 2/22/2018 11:50:00 AM


These are a godsend for people that have sensitive eyes and can not use eyelash adhesives. There is a HUGE learning curve using this type of lash. I found if I cut the "lower" lash into 3 separate pieces, so much easier to get perfect application. Check Youtube out for videos. Tip make sure there is a tiny magnet for each section. Also make sure your tweezers or applicator isn't at the base of the lashes or the magnetic will stick to your tweezer. I love the accent style with my cat eye liner. Very dramatic. I can wear these all day, but I don't wear them daily (date night, special occasion, etc). Package says not to curl your own lashes first, but I find for best application curl your own lashes and coat with mascara. This will make your lashes a sturdier foundation so you can "sandwich" your own lashes in between these falsies. They initially feel a little odd due to magnets, but that passes quickly. Magnets are not visible against your lashline. Quality identical to other Ardell's lashes. Removal is a breeze, just pinch your fingers over the lash and slide. This will separate your magnets and not pull off any of your own lashes. As for storage, since I cut my lower lashes, I actually apply them back against the upper lash as not to mix up the right/left and inner/middle/outer pieces and just apply to the sticky dots on the packaging to keep them in proper shape.

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Brows -Ardell -Brow Defining Palette

on 2/20/2018 4:33:00 PM


This powder is awful. You get a highlighter and three brow colors, medium chocolate brown, dark brown and for blonde's a light gray. The gray hue has low pigmentation not to mention the ridiculous color. The highlighter is also low pigment with sparkles. The wax pencil doesn't hold the brows in place the way a brow gel would and it makes a mess.
I'll stick with my Jordana duo powder for now.

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Misc Beauty Tools -Ardell -Brush-On Lash Adhesive

on 1/12/2018 4:07:00 AM


So I bought this glue because I was not happy with the DUO clear-white glue. I love the applicator of the Ardell glue, I also found it that the glue did a great job with keep my false lashes on really well throughout the day. The biggest problem with this glue is and it’s very disappointment is that when I try to take it off it completely ruin my false lashes and it rip out my real lashes as well. I do use makeup remover/warm water to loosen the glue first but it just not good. I spend a lot of money on the false lash and expecting to use it more than once, but with this glue forget about it, your false lash will only be good for one time use ....
And when you try to take the glue off from the lashes it’s super hard and crusty.
I would rather stick to the DUO glue

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