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Recent Ardell Reviews

Brows -Ardell -Brow Building Fiber Gel

on 6/12/2018 2:04:00 AM


i cant believe i found this at dollar tree, so i picked up like 10 of them i believe brow products are the most overpriced makeup products on the market, and $5 is probably the max id pay for a pencil now. (i have bought abh powders in the past but i was naive) i found taupe and medium brown shades at my dollar tree store and these 2 shades work for me. i like my brows a bit lighter bc its less maintenance, and my brows are on the slightly fuller side. this product works just fine for me, i will never again spend $ on a high end brow product.

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Eyes -Ardell -Magnetic Lash Accent #001

on 5/8/2018 6:53:00 PM


First I tried the magnetic double demi wispies, not for me. I thought maybe these would be better. Nope. They look hideous. They need one extra section so that you don’t look like you have practically no lashes for the first quarter of your eye and then BAM full on lashes! I love the idea of these and they are truly comfortable, honestly, you don’t feel weighed down from the magnets at all. It’s literally the shape that is the problem. What they need to do is come out with a very natural, wispy style that is full band width but not overly heavy because wearing a top and bottom lash on the upper lash line can look drag queen fake (unless you are into that kind of thing, then by all means go for it!). For now, I will stick with my own lashes and hope they continue to release more styles so that I can land on one that works for me.

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Eyes -Ardell -Magnetic Lashes - Double Demi Wispies

on 4/10/2018 8:21:00 PM


First pair vanished in my purse before i had the chance to apply them properly. Second one ,first real try, 30 minutes on and one eye was just perfect, I finally had figured it out! I am in my car and i am unbeatable, i am strong , i am fearless , i am one lash short.. what the heck happened?? I am there with a crazy beautifully lashed eye and i lost the other half for my other eye in my car. That’s a lost cause. Payday it is , Walmart here I come.

I got another pair and finally got to give them a try. I think i will be cutting them a bit because i have small eyes and they are a bit too large, and I never had fake eyelashes before so I am no used to have something else than whats attached to my eyes sitting on my lids. Practice makes perfect and really the quality is great. I will not buy a pair on amazon for 2$ because gurl them eyes are worth them extra bucks, I would be so proud explaining how i damaged my cornea but proudly saved 13$. Ardell is a no brainer as a choice, and its about practice.

Do I recommend? Hell yeah gurl, you won’t satisfy your inner beauty guru unless you try them, no matter how many reviews you read. They’re great.

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Brows -Ardell -Stroke A Brow Feathering Pen in Taupe

on 4/4/2018 3:31:00 PM

I have sparse brows (one more than the other due to scarring) I have to fill them in but I don't like the fake cartoon looking colored in brows Im seeing so much of lately. Not hating on anyone else that loves them it's just not for me. This liquid feathering pen is exactly what I was looking for. It's super fine tipped so that unlike a pencil you can make realistic hair strokes that blend in with your natural hairs. It lasts all day and doesn't t smudge, fade change colors or wipe off. It doesn't come off until I wash my face. I was unsure about the taupe color because I have dark brown hair and eyebrows but both Sally's near me were out of the medium brown shade. Taupe works great and is very natural looking, even in the inner and outer corners where there's more bare skin than hair. This is a cool color but doesn't go green as the day wears on like some others I've used and is dark enough to fill in without overpowering. It has a fine tipped brush applicator and needs to be stored tip down to keep the ink from settling to the bottom of the pen. If you don't store it upside down it will appear to have dried out. It can also dry a bit on the bristles so I wipe it off before each brow to make sure the ink flows well. I picked this up for $9.99 at Sally's so it's a great deal compared to high end pencils and powders that don't wear as well. I wish it was available in more stores and I'd like to try the medium brown shade but it never seems to be in stock.

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Misc Beauty Tools -Ardell -LashTite Adhesive

on 3/5/2018 9:50:00 PM


I'm *ecstatic* that I managed to find this product again. It's been years of hunting and missing individual lashes.

Let me start by addressing negative reviews: guys. This stuff is called individual lash glue. It's not for strip lashes. No matter how "eh, why not" you feel, don't ever try this. It WILL rip out your lashes, because that's not the intended use.

This glue is made to last 2 weeks. I agree with other reviewers who say that's a stretch - I'd say it lasts a week. It's very easy to use (correctly). You pour it out (I honestly use aluminum foil), dip either a single to a triple individual lash into the glue, hold the tweezer up to eyelid and apply. Sometimes ya miss, sometimes you connect. Practice makes perfect. Fill in all the gaps by repeating this process (anticipate 30 minutes to do both eyes, more or less depending on practice level) - and you're good to go for a week.

This isn't for everyone. This isn't for strip lashes. But this IS for people who have a good chunk of time at one point in the week, less time the rest, and/or enjoy getting their makeup routine over with.

One more time for emphasis - NOT FOR STRIP LASHES. This is as close to superglue as you can get, and you really don't want to superglue strip lashes to your eyelids. Side note that I recommend the remover - it's still tough to use but it will help get off the stragglers that persist until the very end.

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