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Fragrances -Aquolina -Pink Sugar Eau de Toilette


I would give a Zero rating if I could! This stuff STINKS!! When I put it on, this perfume smelled sickenly sweet! It was so disgusting. It not only smells sweet but it has a baby powdery fruity sugary sweet smell which just does not go good together. It smelled like an old lady’s perfume but even worse because it was mixed with this unbelievably sickenly fruity candy powdery scent on top of it. I even had my friend smell the bottle and he was like “ewww, that is way too sweet!”. I took a shower immediately to get the scent of the perfume off because it smelled so bad and I tried to wash it off at the sink with a washcloth on my neck and wrists but I could still smell it and it was driving me crazy. It also gave me a headache from the smell. If you suffer from headaches or migraines you will not like this perfume because most likely it will probably trigger a migraine due to the overpowering sickenly sweet smell! I bought this because Kathleenlights from YouTube said she liked it and I did see good reviews on it. After I got it and tried it, I looked at the bad reviews and the people said the things that I also thought about the perfume, it was just awful. It immediately went back the next day and I got a full refund. It seems like people either really love or really hate this perfume but perfume is personal preference. I would not buy this just by recommendation of someone like I did just by listening to a bunch of reviews. I suggest if you really are interested in getting this perfume go to a store that carries it like Sephora, Ulta, etc. and asking to try it instead of buying it blindly online. You may also want to ask the sales person to spray it on a card before spraying it on yourself because if you hate it like I did you’re going to be stuck with that scent on until you get home and it may drive you crazy since it’s very strong and it is a scent that definitely does not fade quickly!

Fragrance -Aquolina -Blue Sugar


The mens variation of Pink Sugar. Its muskier and heavier. Its a very unique scent for men in a sea of citrus and woodsy blends, this one really stands out.

The throw and wearability of this is amazing. And the Aquolina products are fairly priced.

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Fragrances -Aquolina -Notebook Citrus & Green Tea Eau de Toilette


Fresh, lively and deeper "Green Tea" scent than most - great for everyday office or hot summer days.

This was a blind buy, on sale - I'm a fan of green tea scents and decided it was a safe enough category to try blind. Turned out to be a deeper, livelier version of Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea - great for safe, fresh scent everyday or for summer. Definitely a sharp and clear green tea scent with citrus stream so reach for this only if you know you are a fan of green tea scents. I use Burberry the Beat when I want a sexier, deeper and longer lasting Green Tea-based perfume but this one is worth a mention because I actually liked it a bit more than most Green Tea light scents.

If it's on sale, reach for it. Reliably safe but refreshing scent - the packaging was very cute!

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Fragrances -Aquolina -Pink Sugar Hair Perfume

on 10/25/2018 11:57:00 AM


This hair perfume is actually very nice. It’s doesn't weigh my hair down or make it dry; doesn’t leave a weird film. You only need a little, and the scent stays in the hair. Unfortunately, I just personally don’t like the scent very much. It’s like burnt sugar/ vanilla/ cupcake. However, if you enjoy the scent of this, the formula itself is very good. I paid $15 for my 3.3 ounce bottle.

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Fragrances -Aquolina -Simply Pink

It opens with luminous bergamot with juicy wild strawberry, with almonds and green leaves. The heart beats with shades of various white flowers and intoxicating jasmine. The whole composition is rounded up with gourmand notes vanilla, licorice, pink praline and strawberry.

It smells like Overripe Pink Sugar. Cloying sweet, rotting fruit blending with burnt sugar cotton candy but without the sparkle of the original.

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