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Recent Amphigory Reviews

Hair Color -Amphigory -Special Effects in Atomic Pink

on 7/20/2017 10:08:00 PM


This is what made me pink and keeps me pink. I've been using an extremely diluted mix of this to keep my pastel hair the perfect shade. Even pastelized it lasts a *lot* longer in your hair than any other pink I've tried, and I feel like I have tried most of the well known ones. Used undiluted, this is pretty much permanent. Don't do it, unless you are ready for a seriously long-term commitment.

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Hair Color -Amphigory -Special Effects in Virgin Rose

on 11/15/2014 4:38:00 PM


Great, bright fuchsia shade. Dyes evenly, lasts for months if you apply it to bleached hair, eventually fades into a pretty light pink. Potential drawback for some is that this will probably stain your bleached hair permanently. I've bleached over this dye and just ended up with light pink hair, so beware of that if you are planning on eventually going back to bleached out blonde or something. Great if you're looking for a good, long-lasting bright pink.

Hair Color -Amphigory -Special Effects Wildflower

on 11/15/2014 4:21:00 PM


Special Effects packeging is a HUGE pain; it should really be in a squeeze tube. That said, the color is great. I have had a patchiness problem (as one reviewer mentioned) with this dye as well, but I actually ended up liking the effect; it just kind of looked more dimensional in my case. I'm not generally a huge fan of blue shades because they tend not to stay bright as long as red/pink dyes (I'm super lazy about touching up my hair) but, thankfully, I love how this one fades; it starts as a vibrant blue-violet and fades (mostly) evenly into a gorgeous icy lavender.

This brand is hard to find these days, I'll be sad if it disappears completely.

Hair Color -Amphigory -Special Effects in Blue Velvet

on 4/30/2014 9:10:00 PM


I agree with all the other reviews - this stuff is god-send!
If you're looking to get a vibrant shade of hair then the SpecialFX brand is your product. I had originally tried looking for this but couldn't find it. Instead, I used RAW color hair dye from Hot Topic - TOTAL fail. My hair turned green.
Once I nabbed this off Amazon ($36 with shipping eek!), I managed to bleach and then dye with this. I got the results I wanted all along. This is a vibrant, royal blue. As it faded it went into a blue-purple and then a pink-purple. Though it didn't look as good as it did originally, I found I could still rock it without looking like a mess.
In my opinion it lasts longer than other dyes, namely because it's semi-permanent. I touched it up after 2 months which is when it began to hit the icky mark.
I would recommend this brand to everyone seeking an unnatural color. And I actually have. I can count a handful of times where complete strangers would stop me and compliment me on my hair or ask me how I managed it.
I'd keep doing my hair in this fashion but I find all the bleaching just doesn't agree with my hair. If I were ever to go back to blue, then this would be what I'd use.

Hair Color -Amphigory -Special Effects Iguana Green

on 7/12/2013 3:19:00 AM

Best of the best of the best.

This green is absolutely stunning. Let me state for the record that I've been dying my hair various unnatural colors for well over a decade. It's been every color of the rainbow (sometimes all at once!) and I've tried just about every brand of unnaturally colored dye on the market. SFX is far and away, *the* best, as far as depth of color and tenacity of the dye are concerned.

Iguana Green specifically is a truly stunning color. It's a vibrant, mid-tone, kelly shamrock green, and doesn't appear to have any overtly blue or yellow tones to it. (If you're looking for a blue-toned, teal-type green, try Sonic Green, also by SFX). Iguana green is, like most SFX dyes, multi-dimensional and almost shimmery when applied to bleached hair - it is not at *all* flat, dull, or reminiscent of a cheap wig, as many oddly colored dyes tend to be. That being said - you *do* have to bleach your hair first if it's not naturally light blonde. Some of the darker SFX colors, such as those in the purple spectrum, can be applied to dark hair for a beautiful lowlight effect. Do NOT try that with this color - you will look like a witch who spent too much time in an overly chlorinated swimming pool! Lift your hair to at least a mid-tone blonde. Applying this green over golden or honey blonde hair will give you more of a yellow-green, since the green will mix with the gold of the hair. Lift all the way to ash blonde for a true kelly green. On hair lifted to ash blonde, the kelly green gradually fades to bright spring green, and then finishes off as a pale mint green when nearly all the color has been washed out. Using a sulfate free shampoo, washing your hair in luke-warm water (as opposed to super hot), and only shampooing on alternating days as opposed to every day will greatly extend the life of the color.

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