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Styling Products -Alterna -Caviar Repair Multi-Vitamin Heat Protection Spray

on 9/8/2018 2:12:00 PM


This is a great product since it doubles as a leave in conditioner and heat protecter. I don't heat style often, but do not have any damage since using this product. A little bit goes a long way.

Conditioner -Alterna -Bamboo smooth anti frizz

on 8/27/2018 7:53:00 PM

This has to be the worst conditioner ever. As soon as I applied it in the shower, my hair felt immediately coarse, dry and TANGLED, to the point where it was almost impossible to work it through to the ends. After thorough rinsing, applying a detangling spray and leave-in conditioner, I was still unable to pull a comb through without tugging on great knots of matted hair, which had to be tugged and, in some cases, cut out.

Thinking that maybe it was just a bad mix with my current shampoo, I foolishly put myself through the same ordeal with two other shampoos, withe the same horrible results each time. Never again!

Styling Products -Alterna -Caviar CC Cream 10-In-1 Complete Correction

on 8/7/2018 1:27:00 PM


I was slow to warm to this stuff after receiving a deluxe sample from Sephora, mainly because I didn't like the smell. It wasn't awful, but I prefer a hair product that's not quite so fragranced. I used it now and then, mostly ignoring it, but this summer, with shorter hair and tons of frizz, and being overdue for a haircut, I thought I'd hold my nose and give it a go. And lo and behold, I have grown to love this. It feels like a light lotion, and yes, it has some kind of vague lotion-y fragrance, but it fades out and what remains is subtle, scent-wise. But I just use a dime- or nickel-size blob of this rub it all over my palms, and rake and scrunch it in damp hair. A few minutes later the natural wave sets and it reduces frizz and adds a bit of volume and shine. It doesn't really end up feeling stiff in the hair, either. Yes, it sets a bit, but it easily softens with just a touch or a finger scrunch, and it doesn't feel heavy, greasy, crispy, etc. It's turned into a really nice lazy day hair option: Have frizz, have flatness, have dullness. Oh, and it's muggy as hell out? I'll just rake a bit of this in and in five minutes my waves set and look kind of tousled and, dare I say it, kind of cute? Heck, I'm even putting off the haircut for another week (or two) thanks to this stuff. It's a bit steep in price, but for me it's worth it to just get this and not bother dropping $5 here, $4 there, $6 everywhere for something that will get used twice and then ultimately get tossed.

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Hair Treatments -Alterna -Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil Dry Oil Mist

on 7/26/2018 4:50:00 PM


This makes my hair very nice and silky/shiny. i use this as a heat protectant and after i curl or straighten my hair. it does not weigh hair down at all. the smell is really nice and i do not mind it. I really enjoy using this. I will repurchase because i love sprays rather than the actual oil version in the droppler because its lighter on the hair. ive tried briogeo rosarco, invisible oil by b&b, morrocanoil, silk elements olive oil, chi silk infusion, its a 10 and ogx coconut oil and argan oil. I find this far superior to all of those and i will continue to use this! HG

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Hair Treatments -Alterna -Caviar Repair RX Re-Texturizing Protein Cream

on 6/15/2018 10:43:00 PM


I am using this with the moisture milk by alterna and the cc cream too. These three products have made my highlighted blonde damaged frizzy curly (fine but lots) Dry hair look normal again. Not sure about breakage or if it’s stopping it or not tho but I do use protein conditioners after shampooing like kerastase/ag/joico. I hope this is helping my hair looks smoother and healthier thou. Will update in a few weeks.

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