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Tools -Alexis Vogel -The Alexis Vogel System

on 11/7/2017 2:20:00 PM


Edit- My second time ordering and again I am facing huge shipping delays , the Customer service is not responding to my (very polite) question re: shipping delay. You are forced to pay $36+ for USPS priority shipping if shipping to Canada and yet they still drlay shipping. What is the point of such a high shipping cost if product takes weeks to ship out???
Took rating down. This is from the site that I had ordered.

Review is for her particular system and book. I uploaded a pic from the book. It is straightforward, no faff, and once you learn the order of things and basic techniques you can adapt and adjust to diff styles. Seems v basic, you might think it's a ripoff, as each eye 'look' just builds on the previous by just increasing the crease area covered (or lid, for smokey), so if you want get it and once you have it down, give it to your friends. It's not incredible detail like say, a Rae Morris book.

Just for the average woman who wants to look good.

Eg her 'KAT EYE' pictured is obviously quite heavy, but I think it had to be for demonstration purposes.

This makes makeup v streamlined and longlasting (following her techniques and the order in which u do things). It is also simple and easy to remember. I can make products I had before work much better - it takes away the guesswork from the order/method. Her lip technique can be done much more minimal and less OTT but the technique itself helps my lip makeup last all day! It's a good refresher even for 'veterans'

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Eyeliner -Alexis Vogel -Cake Liner in Black-Brown

on 10/31/2017 7:38:00 PM

This is very good for everyone but not if you are lazy and unwilling to practice, although that only takes a couple of minutes.

I have used cake liners in the past including expensive ones like dior etc but this is the best I have found. It gives the best look from liquid, gel, orpencils as you can achieve varying opacity and the finish is the smoothest, so you can layer without it looking heavy. Also the two colours are perfect for mixing or individual use.

As I don't own the alexis brushes, it took trial and error to find the absolute best brushes for this. With every cake and gel liner I use I try to find the o ne that makes it the easiest and quickest to use, as al their formulas vary.

I found the MAC liner brush best from all my brushes to achieve the fine and smooth line. The stiffer brushes tend to make it skip. I also used Alexis' method of using a thicker pencil brush (mine is by MAC) to make the line thick but smudged looking. Then I layered shadow, then finally the MAC 221 liner brush for definition right at the lash line.

THE COOL THING IS YOU ACHIEVE SMUDGED SMOKEY EFFECT without tugging or rubbing roughly with brushes to smudge it as you have to do with everything else, so if you have sensitive eyes this is perfect. Also you CAN get a very soft, painted look like watercolour rather than tar but also get the dark just at the base, so it is excellent.

One thing is i trippedand the black side lifted from the pan when it fell. Entirely my fault as I was running looking after my kids while doing makeup. However it was easily placed back without any issue. With powder products generally they shatter with a violent fall, but this again exceeds expectations!

Concealers -Alexis Vogel -Delete Delete Concealer Duo

on 8/4/2016 12:27:00 PM

I bought this on my playboy playmate lookalike kick. I got it for undereyes, and if you set it with the powder, it's really really good. Super easy to use. But I'm writing because I found this in my makeup bag when away from home, in a search for something to use as a foundation on a completely unfair cystic acne breakout. Really? I am going to have a talk with whoever came up with the menopause/ super stressed/ cystic acne combo. It is just unnecessary and frankly mean. Anyway, I grabbed this thinking, well, it can't get much worse. I used it over my sunblock and it was crazy good with coverage. It felt pretty heavy, but I've never gotten so many compliments on my skin, ever. And this was during a time when I was feeling like my skin was so screwed up, that I was considering a burka as a beauty strategy. It didn't make the breakout worse, and it covered with a vengeance. You do have to tap it back in occasionally, because it can settle into lines if you move your face at all, but that worked out nicely as well. Didn't need a mirror, just sort of tapped my fingers over where I figured the lines would be, around my mouth and eyes. When I checked it five hours later at a concert no less, it was still fresh looking. I'm a believer.

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Misc Beauty Tools -Alexis Vogel -Shadow Shaper with case

on 6/26/2014 7:07:00 PM

My favorite item from Alexis Vogel's old collection was the 'shadow shammy'. It taught me a whole new way to do eye makeup. But after a measly six years of constant use, it got a little ratty. (I'm being silly here- Seeing how it was essentially a piece of cloth, it held up mighty well.) I also had no way of carrying it around except stuffing it into my makeup bag and then it would get other stuff all over it, which wasn't really very useful for a clean eye makeup look. This is the version from her brand new makeup line. (don't be fooled by the stupid makeup connection website- they use her name but changed the formulas and the quality is crap it's a long story. Anyway, go to for her new stuff) I got it for free along with an eye shadow and an eyeshadow brush as a GWP when I bought her book a week ago. It works even better than the first one. It's stiff felt this time and four sided so you can use different eye shadow colors without having to wash in between each application. It also comes in a super flat and handy carrying case which has a magnet closure. Keeps it clean in your bag, nice and flat (no rolling up like the old one) I love LOVE LOVE IT. If I had 10 seconds to thank Alexis for a product, I'd use the time to thank her for this.

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Lips -Alexis Vogel -Stay Pout Liquid Lip Stain in Naked

on 6/26/2014 6:56:00 PM

I love the whole Alexis Vogel Pamela Anderson in Playboy 10 years ago slutty look. I don't however, have the kind of job or youth that would make it easy to pull it off every day. I've been working on a more grown up and subtle version of what she does. Like I look super sexy but you can't really put your finger on why, and yet I'm completely credible in my position of authority. (that's not what I meant, you guys have dirty minds) To that end, I've been trying different variations of her fifty step lip technique. It starts with a stain. I figure, if she's the inventor of the look, then her stains must be the best- besides, although I like the Cover Girl and other brand lip stains, they're really watery and have zero opacity. Since I'm not really a pink kind of girl, I bought the second lightest color- called Naked. When it got here, it was surprisingly enough, rather bronzy and with a distinct shimmer. I was not pleased. Then I thought, well, she knows what she's doing, so I tried it. IT WORKED! Since it's the base color of the whole lip look, it's not the color you end up with and the shimmer, while yucky on it's own, gave my nude lipstick a great deal of increased depth- keeping it from looking flat or chalky. I wouldn't wear it by itself, but if you follow her steps, and use it before liner, lipstick and gloss, it's terrific.

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