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Fragrances -Acca Kappa -White Moss EDT

on 4/28/2018 3:53:00 PM


I don’t think anyone could dislike this, it can be not your taste but I can’t imaging someone hating this fragrance. It’s light soapy clean, like a; I just got a shower and went outside in the fresh air kinda scent. The simple bottle and box reflect the fragrance perfectly. Light inoffensive but also very fleeting, this scent disappears from my skin so quickly and I have to reapply this after a few hours because it will be completly gone. I know they have a EdP version now so if you want something more long lasting I would suggest trying the EdP instead of the cologne.

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Lotions/ Creams -Acca Kappa -White Moss body lotion

on 4/18/2018 9:30:00 AM


Acca Kappa’s White Moss scent is by far my favorite in this line and the Hand Soap, Shower Gel, Shaving Foam and Body Cream are all fantastic smelling, elegantly formulated, high quality products. So I thought it was no risk to order the body lotion untested. Big mistake. I’m very sad to say, for me the only positive about this product is its packaging and general formulation.
- nice pump packaging
- rich, smooth lotion, hydrates well, sinks in nicely, no sticky residue
- the smell!! Like chlorine water in a swimming pool and it lingers
This lotion is extremely unpleasant to my nose, especially considering all the other products in the line are so well done. The scent of this body lotion has nothing in common with what I love about their White Moss fragrance. Expensive miss, and I will definitely not buy again. In fact, sadly I had to toss the rest of the bottle because the nauseating scent bothered me so much. What a waste! So take heed if you’re a fan of the White Moss fragrance, I strongly recommend sampling this lotion before buying.

Fragrances -Acca Kappa -Calycanthus

on 2/19/2013 10:46:00 AM


I have said yes to purchase again but actually it is a don't know. I am not a big perfume fan. Find most of them too strong or cloying. This caught my eye (or nose!) in Marks and Spencers new beauty hall where they are stocking unusual brands. I have never heard of this brand before. I do like it's light summery/springtime smell but my descriptive limitations do not allow me to go to fine detail on the actual notes. I thought it was lily of the valleyish but I think that is giving the impression that it would be the perfume of an old maiden aunt, when really that is not the case. It's fresh and as it is new, I can smell it all day. I might use it sparingly throughout the coming spring/summer as my nose gets easily used to perfume and hopefully I will get more pleasure out of it that way. Certainly not HG so that's why a re-purchase is a don't know. 50ml cost 27 so not overly expensive. Plainish bottle, could be a bit more chic.

Hair Styling Tools -Acca Kappa -Professional Pneumatic Brush with Boar & Nylon Bristles

on 8/4/2009 7:49:00 PM

This brush is wonderful. It feels so great on the scalp, not painful. I have long thick straight hair and this gets all the strands. I couldn't justify buying a Mason Pearson brush so purchased this instead for $36. Still expensive, but much less. It does a great job of smoothing the hair and I do feel like my hair has gotten healthier. Has a gorgeous wooden handle (unlike the plastic ones now found on the MP brushes). Highly recommend!

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Fragrances -Acca Kappa -1869 - for men

on 1/3/2009 8:54:00 PM

I get leather with citric top notes first on. Then dry down brings spice and amber, some green notes. It's very nice, very much a summer scent, and while it is supposed to be for men, this works great on women (me and my sister). It isn't the usual tropical/aquatic type of scent marketed to women for the warm months. It's herby and cool, very well blended. Since I really don't like wearing the tropical/aquatic types, this would work very well for me. Might have to see about a bottle or decant. (listed notes: Cardamom, Geranium, Iris, Violet, Amber, and Vanilla)

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