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Lipstick -3CE -Stylenanda - Velvet Lip Tint

on 8/15/2018 11:37:00 PM

I got this 3CE Velvet Lip tint in Near and Dear.

So first up, I also have the soft lip tint, and true to what the sales lady said, this velvet lip tint is actually less drying! Contrary to its name sake since you would think that soft lip tint would mean its more mostuirising? but anyway, while the soft lip tint would dry after awhile on your lips, this doesn't. this actually allows the colour to glide around your lips a little but it doesn't bleed or stain. so I really really like it way more. Also, the soft lip tint can dry up and flake your lips, or leave the ring of colour around your lips but this one is perfectly fine.

Colour wise:
1. Near and Dear. This is a MLBB colour. Its a neutral shade of dark pink and creates the best neutral look. its not nude though. Overall I love this colour a lot. Its a good colour for days when you just need to grab one and go. Definitely buying more of these if I ever go KR again. I got this in KR so its really cheaper there. buying in SG will be more pricey even with discounts at Sephora.

Blush -3CE -Duo Color Face Blush

on 12/26/2017 9:31:00 AM

I got this from Sephora sometime ago and when I recently started packing my makeup, to my horror, this blusher is less than 1 month to expiry.

As the name suggest, its a combination of 2 colours and the one I got this in half pink and half purple, Crème De Violette. I was attracted to this combination and never had a purple blusher before, therefore need to try it out. If you swirl the 2 colours together you get a very pale purple which I find it a little chalky. Perhapes I have not tried such a shade before, I feel it looks weird on my cheeks. The other day, I accidentally swipe a lot of the purple half and got a patch of purple on my face. This shade will only suit fair skin ladies as well. I find it a little hard to control on the shades when I tried to use the purchse I prefer the other 3CE face blusher which I have reviewed previously.

Somehow, this blusher also does not last long on my cheeks compared to the other 3CE face blush. Its gone by the end of the day. Perhapes the formulation is different therefore I was kinda disappointed in this version. The packaging is also quite fragile and it probably wont survive a hard fall.

Will not repurchase this again.

Loose Powders -3CE -Blur Setting Loose Powder

on 12/10/2017 9:21:00 AM

Honestly, I bought this for its pink packaging from the pink rumour 3CE cinema series.

I didnt really like the loose powder I got previously so didnt have high expectations for this as well.

The powder is white and translucent and does matiffy my skin. It contains 15g of product so it can last quite long.

Dont really love or hate this one . It does not have a weird smell like the loose powder so its a plus point.

Lipstick -3CE -Jumbo Lip Crayon

on 3/19/2017 10:57:00 AM

This is one of the first few products I picked up when I first read about 3CE. The color I got is Bohemian Pink, a very natural pink shade. However I really dislike this as it made my lips feel really dry and during mid day the crayon just makes a mess on my lips and its not a pretty sight. It smells like crayon too. After using this, I stayed away from all form of crayon lips products.

Blush -3CE -Face Blush

on 2/15/2017 9:39:00 AM

The color I got for this blush is Valentine Pink, I love this shade as its a very natural pink which is long lasting. Product also comes with several colors including orange.


Need not be afraid of heavy hand as the color is pinkish enough to show a natural flush but not too overwhelming.

I bought this in korea for about KRW 17,000. The packaging is nothing to shout about , just a normal black casing which shows the color and the amount of product left. It last on my combi skin and I would recommend a try.

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