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Shampoo -2 Grrrls -label.m Diamond Dust Shampoo

Wow, this is really good shampoo; it is expensive, but very concentrated therefore you need a tiny bit (I always dilute it with water)
Great ingredients including Diamond Dust particles, deliver an intense radiance.
The best thing in this shampoo is that it is formulated without Sulphate free, Sodium Chloride free (I am allergic to SLS I get and itchy red scalpif I use shampoos with SLS!!)

Formula has black and white diamond, pearl dust, champagne and white rose petal oil, nourishes but without build up. Hair is smooth, silky, yet weightless and with bounce and radiance.
Diamond Dust acts as a gentle exfoliator, removing excess build-up of toxins.

It is expensive, but give it a try if you can casue it's one of the best shampoos on the market (I have fine, highlighted, damanged hair).

Fragrances -2 Grrrls -Anna Zworykina My Vanilla

on 7/19/2016 3:14:00 PM

This is one of Zworykina's best sellers. Starts out very smokey, like cigarette smoke. After some time, the vanilla comes out, pierced by flowers that are both bright and mild. Very pretty. I think this was the intention of Nicolai's Tonka Vanille, that may smell pretty on others, but just turned sour on me.

Fragrances -2 Grrrls -Anna Zworykina Green Madness

on 7/19/2016 3:13:00 PM

Lovely green fragrance. I have never been able to stand green aldehydic fragrances, but this had that sharp, bitter greeness without the (to me) synthetic nausesting feel of the aldehydes. Drydown is a beatiful clean vetiver.

Fragrances -2 Grrrls -Byredo Mister Marvellous

on 10/22/2013 2:08:00 PM

Notes: petit grain, neroli, lavender, bamboo, cedar and amber.

This fragrance opens with a classic Eau de Cologne accord (think Chanel Les Exclusifs) layered over an unusual gourmand base. Bamboo, citrus and amber somehow create a delicious Thai curry illusion that could compete with Miller & Bertaux's A Quiet Morning for the title of best exotic gourmand. Lavender and cedar keep the gourmand accord somewhat in check. It is cedar that dominates the composition from the mid-development onwards, creating a pleasantly dry and woodsy dry-down.

Fragrances -2 Grrrls -Anna Zworykina White Silk

on 10/15/2013 1:55:00 PM

Though the idea can fuel the imagination profusely - even in my wildest dreams never did I imagine an independent natural perfumer in Russia. Is her apothecary facing the vast tundra? Or hidden in an abandoned shed in the kolchoz? Maybe it's a posh Moscow boutique, with checkered marble floor, where ladies in Russian furs and Chinese silk tafetta marvel at her new creations over caviar and black tea drizzled with sour cherry preserves... Either way, I was intrigued. And lo and behold, not only does such a person exist - she is also talented and adds a fantastic dimension to the international indie perfumers scene. Her name is Anna Zworykina, and her eponymus line is not very known (probably due to the fact that her marketing is done entirely in Russian.

I can't find much information about the perfumer or most of the perfumes I have samples of, as it is mostly in Russian and I can't read the Kirillian alphabet - so I don't even know what most of the names mean. A couple of the labels were in English though, so that makes it a tad easier to at least differentiate between the several vials... All the perfumes of hers that I've smelled were of a similar style and character: sophisticated, intriguing, purely natural, with depth and complexity that is usually achieved by incorporating house-made botanical tinctures.

White Silk is complex yet not suffocating. Like a silk moth seems to orbit around its Chinese inspiration, with juicy citrus top notes of blood orange. The gorgeous, full-bodied osmanthus flower heart notes fade into a suave, mellow base of sandalwood powder, reminiscent of the burning incense sticks in a Buddhist temple. It is luxurious yet subtle; smooth yet with a certain rough texture. It truly reminds me of raw white silk, which is fine and rustic; simultaneously mat with shimmering light running through its threads. Beautiful.

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