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Hair Color -1000HOUR -Eyelash & Brow Dye Kit


Nothing but love! I use the Blue Black (yes it is more like Purple Black) on my lashes and the Brown Black on my brows. I have to repeat at about 2-week intervals as my used to be naturally caterpillar-like brows are fading away as I cruise into my mid-forties. There was a bit of a learning curve at the start for me, but now I concentrate the color at the arch to the tail, where I need more emphasis, and let that process for a few minutes before applying selectively to the rest of the brow. Remember the brief HD Brow craze several years ago? You can easily use this dye for that technique, as it causes all the faded baby peach fuzz hairs to be visible again. Just apply with bright light and a magnifying mirror. The obvious cautions are relevant, it burns like a bitch when it gets in my eyes, but I rinse well and I can still see just fine, haha! I've seen some complaints about it being hard to mix the color with the developer, and that is true of my Black Brown, it gets kinda chunky. But whatever, I just smoosh the chunks around while swirling the brush. I can spend 30 extra seconds mixing color if it means I only have to brush my brows into place with a little soap every morning. I tried a lot of brow pomades, powders, and pencils, and was never happy with the visible texture they left. This is perfect for me! It's hard to put my finger on what sets this apart from 28 Day Lash Dye or plain old Just For Men, which I've also used, but I definitely prefer it.

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